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  • Fantastic Add-on, really saved the new Firefox. Would it be possible to have a version for the new thunderbird as well?
  • Excellent app
  • good
  • 為什麼右鍵選單一直彈出來?
    why the right-click menu always popup when i finish the gesture?
  • can you please answer as i would love to give 5 stars.

    can you make it possible to have a shortcut to view the "tab" history list please.

    Tab history would be amazing because then you can set a mousewheel gesture and immediately choose which page/skip back a certain number of pages instead of having to go pack page by page.

    many thanks
  • Migrated from Gesturefy to Foxy Gestures just today. And have to say, this add-on has become so much better! Thanks!
  • Works well on most pages with some exceptions, e.g., this page (firefox add-ons), a new blank page, andfirefox options. It would be perfect if all pages opened in firefox are supported.
  • 这才是FireGestures的后继之作呀,还有用户脚本。不明白为什么Gesturefy比这个更热门,然而我强烈推荐这个扩展。
  • It takes few seconds to response which is very annoyance. Go to Top and Go to Bottom are 2 gestures getting this bug.
  • Perfect fit for my needs !
  • 60esr not supported?
  • Great for rocker gestures
  • FF61.x.x on MacOS High Sierra...it doesn't work
  • Great extension but I want to add paste command to my script.
    document.execCommand("paste"); doesn't work.
  • Fire Gestureで最もよく使用していた画像を保存するジェスチャーに権限が必要になり、多くのマウスジェスチャーでは実装されなくなってしまったが、Foxy GesturesではSave Media Nowの機能があり、再び使うことができるようになった。ありがたい。Thanks!
  • I would like to know why "save media as" gesture doesn't work anymore?
  • Is it possible to add a gesture for Open/Close Bookmarks Sidebar?
  • Расширение само по себе хорошее, но замедляет загрузку страниц на четверть секунды. Примерно. Особенно заметно, если нажимать кнопки вперёд-назад и смотреть на индикатор загрузки страницы. Без этого расширения лёгкая страница загружается почти мгновенно. С этим расширением — с задержкой. Аналогичное расширение Gesturefy (которое рекомендуется Mozilla) задержку не вносит. Другие мои 14 расширений тоже не вносят.
  • Simply does what it's supposed to do. I particularly like that the Up and Down commands open/close tabs which seems natural to me. With other extensions they are often preconfigured to open/close a window or do other random stuff.

    The only thing to criticize is that I do not see an option to edit the threshold of the number of pixels the mouse needs to move in order to initiate a command. (I'd like to set it lower than Foxy Gesture's default setting.)
  • Right click gestures have become very buggy lately. For example closing a tab with a gesture opens a new unwanted tab. Reloading a page opens a new tab as well even when I did not perform the 'new tab' gesture, I only performed the reload one. Sometimes closing a tab also bookmarks the page for absolutely no reason.

    Then again, I had none of these issues with any gesture addon before Firefox Quantum which seemed to ruin the efficiency of many add-ons.
  • bug ; some time roll up down go to zoom in out !!!!
    Disable wheel zoom in Zoom Page WE addon.
  • I took away one star for the permissions, BUT..............
    Compared to the other gesture addons this is the best. i.e. Gesturefy states they DOWNLOAD files and read and modify the browser’s DOWNOAD history. Why are they worried about what i download?

    Anyway it works without the added concern.
  • With this addon enabled, Firefox loads the CPU by 15-20%. Sorta miner?
  • Fantastic. I was also a FireGestures user for years past and it's so ingrained in the way i interface with firefox I can't live without my gestures.
    I found FoxyGestures to be an improvement on FireGestures, giving me everything I needed and more. Thank you for creating this addon.