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  • This addon started to produce random delay since FF 68 release. I mean: I draw close tab gesture and tab is closed only after ~ 5 sec(or does not close at all). Never happened before. May be once per 20-30 pages. But never happened before FF 68.

    When I open some link in the background tab using the mouse gesture another add-on (Zoom Page WE) stucks in the zoom mode. According to add-on developer this happens because his add-on registers Right Mouse Button Down event but does not register Right Mouse Button Up event which had been captured by Foxy Gestures add-on. You can find full response here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zoom-page-we/reviews/1430215/

    In any case thanks for your hard work and I hope this problem could be fixed!
  • 如果能结合鼠标左键拖拽就更完美了。
  • Doesn't work with touch screens. Even with a mouse you still need to click first.
  • I tried 7-8 other addons but only this works in Xubuntu OS.
  • Very good WebExtensions replacement for FireGestures add-on. It does same things and some more (i.e. more Chords gestures).