thank the Goddess Athena Rated 5 out of 5 stars

i'd never used bit-torrent before finding foxtorrent,

thank Athena that i have. i've always loved trying new linux distros &live cds. even more recently i've gotten into listen to &watching podcasts.

foxtorrent is wonderful for both especially because there's like truly 0 setup, it just works. i never used bit-torrent before because i hate how bloated like every other linux &gnome bt client is. but now i use a bt downloads over a normal one like anytime i can.

now i save time &have more download options, its become abs indispensable. my fave foxtorrent's features are:
- its built in management page.
- integration into firefox.
- its platform independence.
- it runs in the background.
- keeps downloading when firefox is closed.
- it can manage the same queue across all of firefox' profiles its installed on.

foxtorrent has been especially vital while i've been alpha &beta testing openSUSE 10.3.

this is one, without any doubt, one of my fave add-ons! FoxTorrent &DownThemAll! are just part of firefox. at least they should be our opinion *wink*; at the very least foxtorrent is is definitely a must have!