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  • I love foxscape. So I now "update" it by changing the install parameters in the xpi. Here is how to do it:

    1. Download the xpi. Not as easy as it looks. Firefox won't let you do it. It says the version is obsolete. Solution: use another browser. I used explorer.

    2. the xpi is a zipped file. Open it with an unzipper. I use 7zip. YMMV.

    3. there is a file at the top level of the xpi named: "install.rdf". Open it with a text editor. Notepad will do.

    4. the 5th line of install rdf reads:

    change that line to read:

    5. Save the file and rezip the archive.

    6. To install Foxscape: open Firefox. Use the file open command Ctrl+O or the file open menu item to open the xpi file. Fire fox should take it from there.

    7. Bon Chance. Bon Appetite.

  • The foxscape theme is a thing of beauty. Once Michael had a chance to update it for FF 18, I will hold off updating Firefox for a while.

    This frenzy to bring out new versions isn't doing anyone any good, it just shows pretenses. Despite the race, FF market share has dropped, so what does that tell us?

    We should also appreciate Michael's difficulties in developing the theme: lack of communication by Firefox, undue approval times, etc.

  • Excellent. I use the classic theme in Windows 7 and this vintage skin goes along very well with it.

  • Glad to see the title bar is now hidden in the latest update.

  • Thanks For The Up-Date For FireFox 12
    So far, I have not encountered any problems or issues.

    I've been using FoxScape since day one with Version 2.02
    Hope Michael will be able to continue building FoxScape for all future versions io FireFox.

    Michael, Please... Keep Up the good work.
    For all of us users.... Please continue to support Michael's efforts.

  • Hi! very good ol' theme. Thanks to keep it updated.

    However, starting from firefox 12, the new "about:newtab" page is available, but not correctly styled in foxscape. To be honnest, as there is no support at all, the page is simply ugly. A quick fix is to just copy from omni.jar the folder browser/newtab in your theme to keep the default theme. Please take a look at the new newTab.css file to see how to well integrate it with foxscape.


  • fast and good looking, one of the first "foxy" themes.
    remembering on old days of the firefox history

  • Netscape 1.1 was my first browser experience...somehow despite all the advances in browsers today, there is something about the simplicity of that browser that I still miss. This addon is a great way to reminisce those old days...

  • On Classic theme of Windows (i.e. not using MSstyles), it acts like Firefox 4's default, except with different icons.
    Though Firefox CAN have a GUI layout like Netscape/Firefox3, I prefer it when tabs are above URLbar (it's more logical).

  • I love this so much, I even switched back to Firefox 3.6.3.

    Think you can make a compatible version for Seamonkey? Because Seamonkey still (vaguely) looks like Netscape.

  • This is the most satisfying addon available for Firefox. Just perfect.

  • Just wanted to notify you that a user reported this issue on a forum:


  • This is the best theme, it brings back memories of when I started running Red Hat 6.0 back in 1999. Please keep this one going, thanks!

  • Thankyou for this wonderful theme, i love it!

  • I love this theme!

  • 不对味儿,按钮的质感不对,收起工具栏的功能也没有。

  • The good old days.

  • Hey, thanks, I always missed the Netscape browser because it brings good memories of the beginning of the internet. I always loved the throbber. Thanks for making it and I hope you keep it updated.

  • It's simple and makes what it propose to do. The browser looks like exactly Netscape 3, where pages was so ugly and connection was too slow. I like it and continues to use it.

  • Please add a code to support MacOSX, it's easy: you just add custom scrollbars as it's done in iPox, Whitehart, Silvermel, Stratini, Rein, or in Smoke or FennecFox (not from default theme).

    Developer response

    Thanks for the tip. I was already looking into fixing this issue. It is just that I have no way to test any changes to see if they work properly. Have a look at my web page to see a transcript of what happened when I tried to get help with this the first time:
    I may have found someone who can help with testing on Mac OSX and Linux.
    I was recently looking at a theme not mentioned in your list that seems to have a simple solution. I will have a look at the ones you mentioned if I have difficulty with the present one.


  • I love Foxscape. I hope you will continue to keep updating it. Thank you for making this addon.

  • Thanks! I've liked to much communicator when it was active, I've missed a lot the "N" icon with meteors, thanks a lot again.

  • the tabs look really glassy/modern on my browser. I was wondering if you could update the theme to make them look matte?

    I haven't looked in to how to do this myself.

    Thanks for the great skin!

    Developer response

    Hello Josh,

    From the readme located at (after installing and enabling FOXSCAPE):

    "There are also some image elements that are used in conjunction with the Location bar, Search bar, and Tab Bar which are shaded, giving a subtle 3D look. These elements are left unchanged by default since I feel that they look reasonably nice as is and I feel that some people might not like the flat look. For those who wish to make these items look flat, see the Advanced Customization section."

    At the following link, from the Advanced Customization section mentioned above:


    you will find the following line:

    /* @import url("chrome://browser/skin/foxscape/sub/Flat_and_square_tab_bar_Fx.css"); */

    remove the remark indicators and place in the .css as per the instructions cited above.

    I hope you like the improved appearance after doing the steps above.


    P.S. I just uploaded version 3.03. You can get it by clicking on "View All Versions" near the bottom of the Mozilla.org FOXSCAPE page.

  • ff 3.6 released. Can you update foxscape theme?

    Developer response

    Sure I can. I have completed the basic parts of the new Foxscape v3.03 for Firefox 3.6. I still need to do a bit more before release. Check back soon.


  • muy bueno y funcional