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  • Firefox freezes when FoxSaver tries to show up. Even after closing and re-opening firefox the problem is still there ! A white window and nothing happens untill you manage to delete the addon and restart one more time.
  • How do I disable this Add-on?
  • I needed this to work as a screensaver that displays web-pages. This does not work.
  • I used to love this add-on; gorgeous pictures! Now it hangs up, just showing a waiting icon without showing any pictures and I have to shut down firefox to stop it. Support link goes to website for pictures only, no support or contact information.

    From google search I found a similar complaint but resolution for me failed: Not really knowing the cause now, but you can avoid this by Right click FoxSaver icon=>Options...=>Choose Photos=>"Browse cache directory", and remove all files there.
  • It's not work anymore.
    Can you update a new one~ thahks.
  • Basically works in FF 4.
    One problem I noticed is that it doesn't enter full screen mode when it kicks in.
  • Спасибо!
  • i have a specific folder of very entertaining pics that I use.. however.. wouldnt a "random" selection be an easy add ? So it doesnt always start on the same pic ?
  • Nice add-on, but some photos in cache folder are really scaring. Please let me select the best and discard the others.
  • The sure pleasure of viewing your artwork makes my day 5 Stars!!
  • I always have to backup profile. So please change temp folder to another one to make size of profile folder smaller, or make a "Auto clean temp folder" feature after few days.
  • não acho que o firefox necessite de um screensaver, mas devo confessar de que as fotos são tão espectaculares que continuo a usar este add-on desde que o experimentei pela 1º vez.
  • Even though there is a homepage of FoxSaver, it is in no way related to the development of the AddOn. It completely looks like a commercial site... BTW, for a long time I realized some kind of memory-leak... then I realized, that the number of GDI-objects ('used' by Firefox) grew over the time to sick values. As a result I disabled my AddOns, one by one. When I disabled FoxSaver, the number of GDI objects remained growing moderate... (it still grew and I found more leaking AddOn's - though not all... sigh...)
    Conclusion: As long as 'beautiful pictures' are more important to the developers than messages around bugs, there will be no change. Furthermore (and especially including these facts) FS looks like (as I suspected above) a kind of commercial AddOn and one should think about the sense behind it all. Ok, it's free, right. But it should at least be in the interest of the developer to find bugs and offer an easy way to post bug reports instead of seeking for images until the end of time..
    As a consequece I have uninstalled it and won't reinstall it as long as there is no change. And if there is an update, I'll use sandboxie to install it using a sandboxed Firefox profile (and run this Firefox for several days constantly), so that any modification can be reverted easily. If it works clean then, I'll use it again in the regular profile - not before!
  • Not working with my 3.0.11. I set it for 5 minutes, left for 12 minutes, and came back to the same web pages I had. Looks cool but it must not be compatible with something I have running :-(
  • Love the idea, but takes way too long to load! :o(
    I have Google's desk top side bar, including photos from My Pictures, and it takes just seconds to load. and I can pause it if a picture comes up that I particularly like. I will check again later to see if 'load time' has been fixed.
  • I'm surprised why this is a recommended addon while it's not working in the latest stable version of FF (3.0.10)! I installed it today, customized it to display local images, and started it via the right click option on its status bar icon. A black screen appeared. On it were a logo of Fox Saver, 5 buttons (Play/Pause, Stop, Previous, Next, Full Screen), and an image of revolving dots (probably telling me to wait).

    I waited and waited, but nothing happened. I then changed the options and disabled all manipulations of the images (tilt, reflection, etc.) but still the same thing.

    Frustrated, I left further tweaking. An application as simple as this addon must work out of the box. But it's not working even after tweaking all the relevant options.

    But since it's a recommended addon, I doubt if it hasn't worked on other people's computers. I have other addons installed; maybe compatibility with them is an issue. Whatever be the reason, it's not working for me. So sad :-(
  • Very cool addon. Love it! (-:
  • the fox its so cute
    el zorro es muy lindo n.n
  • LOVE IT .
  • it looks cute
  • Much better than having to mess about downloading screensavers for windows.
  • Fantastic! all the way! on a scale of 1-10 its a20
  • Although it doesn't have any "practical" value, the photographs that come up when your PC is idle are simply amazing.

    It's alot better than watching a ball bouncing or the microsoft logo bouncing around your screen.

    The pictures get updated regularly so you don't start seeing the same pictures over and over again.
  • ... I wasn't able to make it work on FF 3.0.6 nightly together with (no matter how many) pictures in a local directory under WinXP SP3. Without function... I can not rate it on a really neutral base.
    But a suggestion: Look for a different algorithm which chooses the pictures, since it needs way too much time to scan a directory with many pictures (several hundrets).
    If you need an idea how to reach this I could suggest you a few ways. Furthermore I possibly could give you a few ideas for enhancements.

    But try to find out why it doesn't work in FF 3.0.6 (since I - and I assume I'm not the only one... - do not use FF 3.1 or 3.2 because of a few add-on's which still don't work with these versions of FF). Without this issue in mind I would rate it with *****.
  • Much better than windows screensavers!!