Not Ver 3.5.5 Compatable Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Did not start up with Mozilla FireFox Version 3.5.5, oops. Therefore a waste of a down load.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

con par pour firefox 3.0.5

Not yet rated

I am very very disappointed in this service. I went ahead and put 10 bucks on with my credit card. After a lot of effort to figure out how they need numbers 'formatted' to dial... I finally got it to work. But I wanted to use it as a backup line to my regular phone so I'd go for a couple of months without using it. And every time it would tell me that my 'pin' number had expired. And it was a real headache to figure out how to contact the company to resolve the issue. Eventually (long after I really needed it) I resolved the problem and then it sat again for another couple of months. I just logged on and it says 'reseller balance too low' but no other information. I know I didn't use all the money. Unless they expire your credits... This extension was completely frustrating and I am severely disappointed. Why is Mozilla using this service when I'm sure Skype or any other service that is run well would jump at the opportunity. This service is a complete let down and a severe time waster and if there is an executive out there or a product manager that wants to understand the frustration a user has to go through to actually work with this extension, please feel free to contact me. This extension should not be available to the public and it should not be available on the Firefox web site. They have a lot of work to do to make this available to paying customers. I don't think there is even anyone at this company. I think it's probably just someone who wrote the extension and then bought some time from one of the major carriers. The error I got this time of 'reseller account too low' probably means the guy who wrote the extension hasn't paid his bill. This extension should be pulled and not let back into the Firefox line and Mozilla should take careful note of this situation so it doesn't happen again because it certainly reflects on their reputation. The service barely works, if I were any less pleased, I'd say it is a total scam.


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Crapware Not yet rated

Maybe its because its a new service, but all free calls in test mode fail. Full mode, costs money. there is no info on calls and pricing and there is not even the most basic info to explain how to make calls from the dial-pad. its not at all similar to skypeout asadvertised and its poorly implimented and not very well thought out.

Cool, but... Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This extension works well, but like JaJah it costs money. It was pretty cool until the free time expired. Oh well.