57 reviews
  • Unable to change password. FoxFilter does not recognize my registration code or email.
  • no effect.
    I could load all pornsites I am aware of. Not a single one was blocked.
  • Developers ignore a MAJOR issue. Filter only blocks websites. The images tab still shows ALL. Porn is viewable, so the filter is rendered useless.
  • not free. these types of filters are useless without password protection. and since you have to pay in order to use a password, that makes this not free.
  • So, in order to prevent my child from turning off this add-on, I have to put a password. In order to put a password, I have to pay.

    I get that it's a great tool, and you're providing it for free, but it's kind of useless when the whole of it can be undone by a kid with enough time to poke around in the settings.

    Thanks, but no thanks.
  • It was difficult to set up and difficult to remove. It filtered strange things, like the number 18. Why??!!! Yet some very filthy material came up several times.
  • I use this to protect my children's sessions