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  • Ugly looking, not anything near the screenshots shown
  • This add-on has the potential to become a complete theme, but without active development, it's pretty buggy. I'm also a Pale Moon user, so I'm going to report this to our Add-on Site Team and see if we can restored this as a theme specifically for Pale Moon.
  • Thanks developers, and Mark, for letting me know that Pale Moon works fine with this extension.
  • The addon itself does it's job very well. However, it is not compatible with the modern Firefox (only for 10~19). Good news is this addon is compatible with Pale Moon 25.1. Installed it and works fairly well. I don't see a way to bring this addon back to the game on Firefox 20+ versions, as the main interface changed, but really nice addon for Pale Moon.

    But again, sadly, this addon is one of the "brilliant but adandoned" addons.
  • I was very confused when I restarted FF and it looked so different. It didn't occur to me that it was this add-on that had activated upon restart. Also, it should probably be a theme, not an extension/add-on. However it DOES make FF look/act like IE9!
  • Yes we are FF users but it does not IMPLY we are emotionally irrational,uninformed/ignorant fanatics (being on XP i am only using ridiculously endlessly updated sometimes even w/o debugging Firebox by default (cf IE9 on Win7 - this addon improves the "today's aesthetics" of this mozilla brwsr .) so speak for yourself not "other users"re IE - the stated aim of the addon in to replicate IE9 ie please IE9 fans, not your firefox blinded hybrid - clearly if you didn't know about IE's Yellow star?, throughout its LONG history it has been synonymous with Favorites button (ie bookmarks) why on earth would even begin to criticize something you have so little info on conversely have so much prejudice on?? Look at any pic of IE9 like the ones on this site/page and the yellow star is still at the top, now on the right between the home + option buttons - as a firefox fan you wont be familiar with modern browser design that optimizes such a browser's main role - VIEWING 'framing' the web, in the most clutter + distractionless, enhancing,complementary stand out way while maintaining ease of use + functionality.
  • can you make it works for firefox 29?
  • The address bar width always keeps getting reset so I use userstyle to keep it in check. However, the lack of a bookmark indicator in address bar bothers me so lately I don't use this that much, especially because most of its functions can be mimicked in other ways while retaining the bookmark button.
    This is just a theme, we are still FF users, please don't copy the flaws of IE as well. Make it an option so that those who want it to look exactly like IE can do so as well.
  • It's broken for Fx. 22+
  • the layout was broken in firefox 22.0 Please fix!
  • This extension does what it promises, but since it's really an *extension*, I'd expect more features and options:
    * Small icon size makes back button same size as forward one
    * Option to hide unnecessary locationbar icons
    * Option to reset tab animations and tabs in titlebar behaviour (yeah, you can do it from about:config too but still)

    Oh and one bug too:
    * Adblock Plus takes away the separate stop button icon.
  • Ich mag Internet Explorer abeer er ist sehr langsam darum LIEBE ich dieses design
  • works very well. the only problem i have is that tab colors from Tab Utilities don't seem to work, if you get this working would be perfect!
  • It seems that this is the only IE 9 skin out there and I'd really like to use it but I can't. I still have to use actual IE 9 (at work) because of some flaws that others might catch... I'm hoping you can make this in your next update so that I might be able to use it regularly

    - The Address bar is supposed to be above the tabs and not below. (this isn't so bad, but I couldn't find any other add on to use to move them around.

    - The Address bar also has a firefox (favicon) regardless of what site visited. (I can't have the ff icon anywhere and need this hidden. This should be removed and defaulted or none at all. Firefox removed it because people were using the security lock to mimic SSL sites for phishing.

    The buttons are spot on. Excellent job on that and the skin overall!

  • Great theme! What about to update it to look like IE10?
  • Muy bueno,Gracias
    Habrá skin IE10? :)
  • The Add on is very Cool.
    Any Idea of developing Foxe10 based on IE10?
  • This is the best IE Skin i have even used. I am very happy to see this
  • IE may not be useful to me for a lot of things, but I fell in love with the theme. Now I get to see that wonderful interface, with sacrificing the comfort of Firefox. Thanks, great job! :)
  • In FF 14.1 doesn't move the tabs to the right side of the URL bar :(
  • This is the most beautiful theme for Firefox. Unfortunately, I can't use it because it does not include the search box which I need in order to use another great add-on called SearchWP. I know that this theme is intended to imitate IE9, which does not include the SB, but if you create a similar theme which does include it, it will be the only one I will ever use.
  • Simple and compact, good for my notebook.
  • thank you! perfect.
  • Love the clean look! You did an excellent job making it look like IE9.
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