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  • ubtate it to 45.0
  • Like many of you, Foxide Graphite is my preferred Firefox (v26) theme. But on the Mac, Foxdie Graphite somehow conflicts with the Roboform Toolbar, which appears as a blank toolbar. This conflict does not occur withFirefox (v26) on Windows 7. Does anyone have a fix or a workaround for this?

    Let me also add my thanks to Smolik for your solution to installing Foxdie Graphite on recent versions of Firefox. Works perfectly!
  • Thank you Smolik, i tried your solution and it works perfectly again.
  • Continue to Download - Accept and Install button - (right-mouse) Save As - save the file "foxdie_graphite-15-fx.jar".

    Open the file "foxdie_graphite-15-fx.jar" with WinRAR (for example). Save the file "install.rdf" on your desktop, open with Notepad (for example) and modify a number in "" (ei. 200.0). Save it, add back to opened WinRAR and close it.

    Open FF: Menu - Add-ons - Appearance - Tool button - Install add-on from file - choose the file "foxdie_graphite-15-fx.jar" - Install Now button - Restart (the browser).
  • I tried un-installing it, restart then re-install, but Firefox tells me it can't install Foxdie because it's not compatible with version 21...

    Anyone have a work around for that..?
  • I tried to download this again using the link below and the web site denies access to it.

    I still have the download, however, and I was able to make it work. I had to completely uninstall it, restart FF, install it, and restart FF again.
  • Обновите пожалуйста.
  • Can some send me the file for this again, it will not work on 20.01Thanks

    I found it as I scrolled below. Thanks!
  • It is very bad styles on the Firefox native developer tools. Needs full support for FF 20. Other wise I love the concept, but until those things are fixed (especially styling the native developer tools) I'll just leave it disabled.
  • The only thing missing in FF 20.0 is the download button/ animation.Besides that, it's still the best FF theme, period.
  • Works perfectly, thanks for the guide RFV!
  • This is consistently my favorite theme for Firefox. It's so clean and clear!

    Thank you to all of you who keep updating so it works in the latest versions (so I don't have to.) And thanks, especially to John Locke for creating it.
  • Thank your very much - it worked perfectly! :-)
  • Did you delete the installed one? it's necessary!
    For 19, 20, 21...22 , etc..., do the same, delete it and reinstall, by putting the .jar, with your mouse, in the addon window, that's all!!
    Also maybe, make a back-up of the .jar for you...if someone deletes my link or comment! ;)
  • What you need to correct, the theme worked in FF18? Advice please.
  • Can someone send me the file to update foxdie to work for firefox 18+?

  • Thanks, thanks.... dafmat71
  • Warm thanks, Dafmat71 !

    I simply downloaded then dragged and dropped your .jar file into the Addons/appearance folder of FF, valid install, restart.

    Happy new year :)
  • After a long time of searching, this was the perfect theme! Unfortunately, my findbar is slightly screwed up. Works beautifully in Firefox 17, but not compatible with 18. See the comment below by dafmat71 to see how to install it in 18 - works like a charm (even fixes the findbar problem)!
  • This is an absolutely gorgeous theme.........can you please tell me how to make it look like Safari 6, Thank You anyways :D
  • Very nice theme.But it hides firebug console option buttons(like persiste, ..) status.
  • Brilliant! This seriously improves the 'image' of Firefox (as previous versions did) on the Win & Mac platform. I guess my only issue is on my Mac, the outlines don't show when the cursor hovers over the main controls (Home/Reload/Back/Forward). Curious. Still looks refined though!! I have to completely agree with MadChuckle below.
  • This has completely modernized the look of my firefox. I can't help but stop every now and then to appreciate the beauty of this theme. Great work!
  • Apparemment, ce thème est la représentation de Safari sur Mac, et c'est plutôt réussi. Je continuerai certainement à l'utiliser.
  • Excellent theme. Just in case can you make corners of search bar similar to address bar? It would look awesome then.