No Greek? Well, translate yourself! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Dear "Royalstar",

Most, if not all, add-ons are products of the efforts of several contributors, who work for free to make your Internet a little bit better: amongst those are the developer(s) and – in this case – the translators. Volunteering translators are indeed needed, since you can't very well expect Mr. McDonald to know all the languages upon this Earth, and since add-ons don't translate themselves. So if an add-on hasn't been translated to e.g. Greek, the best course of action is to translate it yourself.

Foxclocks is translated at BabelZilla (, a website where ordinary users can translate the add-ons (that are registered there) to their respective languages. Go there, register and start translating.

And by the way, Greek isn't the mother of all languages. The language that presently is considered to be the mother of e.g. Greek (and all other Indo-European languages) is the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language.

Welcome to BabelZilla,


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