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  • Bonjour,

    Module honorable, qui bloque pas mal de sites à caractère sexuel.
    En plus, gros avantage par rapport à d'autres modules du même genre, il est protégé de la désinstallation par un mot de passe.
    Dommage que le service de requête DNS plante parfois, ce qui n'assure plus du tout de protection.
    Google traduction:

    Honorable module, which blocks a lot of sexual sites.
    In addition, big advantage compared to other modules of the same kind, it is protected from uninstallation by a password.
    Too bad that the DNS query service crashes sometimes, which no longer provides protection.
    Thank you.
  • Impossible activer sur Samsung Android 7.0
    redémarrage pourtant effectué.
    Merci d'avance pour le retour.
    This version only for Firefox Desktop
  • I like it already and have only had it a couple days. Thank you.
  • I would like to be able to add sites to the blacklist without having to enter the password as I went through a moment of addiction and knowing the password to have to put sites in the black list does not serve me I hope you can do thanks
  • Compared to the other security apps available for me this one works the best, I really appreciate the fact that it hasn't ground my browser into a slo-mo crawl. I feel a lot better having it as it does it's job with the minimum of fuss. Installed it when it first came out and shall stick with it...
  • Thanks for ur extensions there are all awesome
    I have a question : in the last 3 months i have make a password to protect the extension , and now i cant remember it and i havent the access to edit the parameters , thanks to give me a solution de recover it .
  • My daughter sometimes playing computer games. This extension is great blocks is not desirable for the child sites.
  • Es un fantastico complemento, muy util y eficaz al 100%, puedes bloquear y desbloquear las paginas que quieras. GRATIS -- VALE LA PENA DONAR.

  • You can't block all sites while whitelisting a few at the same time.
    For example, I want my son to watch netflix, youtube, etc while blocking all other websites with the * code. Impossible! I had done this in 2012 with another add-on but I can't find it anymore.
    please send your question to forum:
  • I've tried to Whitelist in multiple iterations.
    and OpenDNS still alerts for adult content thru FWS rectangle info box.
    Zenmate is VPN, has no adult content.
    I had similar observe with NortonDNS Policy3, so I'm on NortonDNS Policy1 with OpenDNS.
    FWIW ~ I'm still thinking "Whitelist" should quiet all from FWS.

    Update: dropped OpenDNS, added Yandex.
    Tried Whitelist and tired of OpenDNS reporting adult content w no adult content.
    for support please send message to forum:
    forums mozillaZine:

    forums mozilla-russia.org:

    Google groups:
  • I have been using this for a while.
    it work fine.
    but at some places it block all my websites in fox browser, like you tube and all.
    but on other browser of mine they are able to open the websites.
    i want to remove it from Mozilla Firefox browser. but i am unable to do it.
    it always asks for a password in order to disable, remove it.
    and i don't know which password its talking about.
    and there is no option to recover my password. there is no way provided to recover my password.
    please tell me a way to remove it.
    i will be very thankful to you.
    Please read this answer:
  • Could you add bad words filter ?
    thank you for your suggestion.
    I'll add this feature in work plan
  • easy and practice
  • great
  • In addition: very flexible and addon owner responds in a very short time
    Thank you
  • A simple but intuitive interface. Fast work.
    Support available even with the help of the forum. Effective tips developers.
    I advise you to use.
  • Good to see that there is finally an addon for this :)
  • I like the idea, I'm testing it. just a small request, the icon, would you make its background transparent.
    please send me letter for more details about your problem: pag77@mail.ru
  • !!!
  • I installed this on my siblings computers. This is a wonderful tool thank you for it! It's effective for those kids that inadvertently get epxosed to it - so the kids that are not wanting to get to bad stuff this helps to just keep it off their mind. But if someone wants to disable it they can get around it.
  • 基本的には、有名な「WOT」と同様な機能を提供しますが、はるかに、“まともな評価” 判定が下され、信頼できます。
    Whitelist/Blacklist を任意登録でき、登録ドメイン名には、“ * ”(アスタリスク)を使えます。
    解説通り、“風の如く” に機能します。
    評価判定にあたっては、URLbar に配される “ icon (盾)” の色が変わるだけではなく、その URLbar 全体も 緑/gray/赤色 になります。 一目瞭然に識別できる工夫がされていますが、ブックマーク(☆)などの icon が見づらくなっています。

    1. URLbar での階調(gradation)は、左右逆転したほうが良いのではないかと思われます。
    2. 「Blacklist 」は、Protection from adult content (parental control) の観点からは、パスワードによる Lock 機能(※)を付加したほうが良い。
    (※)任意性、パスワードの保存不可、Copy & Paste 可能、Password Generation Options : Length of generated password : ~999/Upper-case (A,B,C,・・・)、Lower-case (a,b,c,・・・)、Digits (0,1,2,・・・)、Minus (- )、Underline (_)、Space ( )、Special (!,$,%,&)、Brackets ([,],{,},<,>)、High ANSI characters への対応が望ましい。

    【WOT について】
    対する「WOT」の評価判定は “支離滅裂” で、信頼できません。
    ユーザー評価の集積が、WOT 評価になるため、所詮、主観評価では “真偽” を導き出せない欠陥性にあるからです。
    不当評価が乱発される「WOT」は、惑わされるだけで、“百害あって一利なし” です。
  • Хорошее дополнение.
    Не хватает пары возможностей, чтобы стать немного гибче в плане настройки:
    1. В "Белом списке" галочку, которая позволит не просто разблокировать сайт, но и полностью исключить его из проверки.
    2. Возможности включить помимо проверки сразу и серфинг через один из ДНС.
    3. Возможность выбора какими ДНС будет осуществляться проверка сайта (опции включения-выключения).

    Автору большое спасибо и успехов.
    > серфинг через один из ДНС
    что вы имеете ввиду? напишите мне на емейл для обсуждения деталей: pag77@mail.ru
    или посетите форум: https://forum.mozilla-russia.org/viewtopic.php?id=67208
  • I tried all the alternatives and he is the best!
    Is the first thing I`ll install on children's computer.
    I used protection through DNS before, but this method is easier, better, more effective!!
    Thank you very much for that!
  • This add-on is extremely fast and effective!
    You can say goodbye to porno sites, scams and viruses - now my web is absolutely safe.
    Thank you for the excellent work! You are genius :)
  • Но явно не хватает пароля для смены настроек и возможности убрать значок из адресной строки
    для пароля настроек используйте это:
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