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  • One of the best Add-on I have used before. Really very Awesome!!
  • супер,жаль что не совместим в данный момент.
    посоветуйте что то подобное.
  • Check out Tile Tabs extension. It works for FF17.
  • I'm an idiot for not reading the description! Look here guys: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fox-splitter/
  • Expecting an updated version!
  • Split Browser looks very practical, but this browser each passing day, not of innovation, I used MozilaFiref version is v9.0, and incompatible, I hope to have an updated version of Split Browser. Thank you.
  • I have used this in the past but have upgraded to the newer versions of Firefox since then, and this is not available for the newer versions of Firefox. :( I miss it. I hope it gets updated soon, or if Firefox could just make the option IN Firefox itself.
  • Hi --First off, I've been using this extension with FF 6.0.2.Because this extension is not compatible with FF 6.0.2, I've been running it with compatibility checking turned off.Overall, it works very well!But one annoying problem is that FF 6.0.2 does not open to a properly maximized window when Fox Splitter is installed. Instead, it opens to a "Restored Down" window that is nonetheless as large as the screen will allow, such that the (thick) borders of the de-maximized window are placed directly at the edges of the screen. It kind of looks like it's maximized, but it's not.Perhaps this bug can be fixed before the extension is released for 6.0.2Cheers!Jay
  • What I wrote below still applies at some degree, but the response from Piro makes a good point.
    The old version was limiting the functionality. If the code was "spaghetti" then the logical option was to throw it away, action often done in software development and mentioned in some programming methodologies.
    Anyway... one important thing I appreciate in this moment is that the project is still active. Developers care... so the future seems good :)


    I've used this addon in the past (see version 0.6 with firefox 3) and it was really really great. I used to do alot of work with it. My productivity increased dramatically. Easy to use with lots of functionality. In a word... genius.
    But now the splitting is done using windows. So for every split you will have a new window.
    This means that space will be wasted (windows usually have borders). Excessively more bugs were introduced because of the functionality being moved outside Firefox (because window functionality is not really a firefox thing, but a OS one)

    Why developers didn't kept the old style, splitting in the same window. Clean, effective, almost bug free. Even now you can use an old version (0.6) with compatibility mode disabled from within your browser (version 6 for me). You will see that much of the addon still works and yeah... the splitting works.
    So why throw away the good...? Just make version 0.6 compatible with firefox 6 and throw away version 2+ of this addon...
    > Why developers didn't kept the old style, splitting in the same window. Clean, effective, almost bug free.

    It is not true. Even if you thought that the old version was really bug-free, actually it was founded on many sacrifices - in other words, I had to spend much time to maintain it in old days. To keep it compatible to very frequently updated Firefoxes in the future, more sacrifices will be required. I cannot maintain such a spaghetti-sucks-fuckin' codes anymore.

    If you think that I'm lying and it is very easy to do it that keeping the old Fox Splitter compatible to future versions of Firefox, then you should fork the old Fox Splitter 0.6 from my github repository.
  • I don't use this every day, but when I need to compare two long pages want to read instructions from one to do something in another, it is perfect.
  • Still the best "split browsing" add-on ever due to its multiple tabs capability within each split pane. No other add-ons or combination of add-ons could simulate this.

    Desperately looking forward to the update for FF5, hopefully the latest update will enable compatibility for a long time.
  • There is some development going on (at long last).
    It seems that now new windows are created instead of the previous sub-windows. Thus creating multiple entries to Windows taskbar. And a lot of jumping windows when you dare to move the "split" or create a new split.
    And the created splits are still not saved when Firefox is exited ...
  • Excelent Complement.
  • Thanks MudGuard. It is perfect now!Does anyone tried to install KoolaidJunkie's plugin? Is it a safe plugin? Maybe it is a great one but I am just a little bit cautious in installing something posted by someone who has just written one message :-/ . Is there any way to test the safety of this plugin?
  • Awesome plugin!!

    Please consider reviewing the points below, cause they don't work well under Firefox 3.6.17!
    1 - Reloading the tabs. F5 works like a charm, but Context Menu/Reload seems to reload other tab! This makes this plugin unusable with the "ReloadEvery" plugin (which I think would be the perfect combination)
    2 - When clicking the "New Tab" (plus button) in a context of tabs, a new tab appears on other context. I mean, I have 5 tabs on the left panel, and 5 tabs on the right panel. A click on the "+" on the right panel makes a new tab appear onto the left panel. Nothing that can't be fixed by drag and dropping tabs, but is annoying anyway!

    Let me know if those are fixed under Firefox 4. If so, I'll just migrate then. Thanks for the plugin, it really helped me a lot!
  • This one will let you install this add-on on Firefox 4
    http://ge.tt/9O78Rk4?c (only changes made to allow install on Firefox4)
    Temp until Original Author decides to update
  • Please, Update version for Firefox 4.
  • totally miss this feature after upgrading
  • Hopefully Soon (-;
  • All I really needed was a good way to see two tabs in the same window. It does that wonderfully.

    One really annoying con though: the added tabs view CANNOT be navigated via the main window's address bar. Every tab you add opens with its own separate navigation bar. That is incredibly confusing, inefficient, and really annoying when you keep hitting the back button, and messing up where you are in another tab you aren't meaning to use at the moment.

    I've not found any way to change that in the options.
  • Awesome! (FF3.6.16) Sometimes the synchronous scrolling doesn't work and sometimes I will accidentally click on the little shortcut arrow and split the window when I didn't mean to, but all windows are very easily reset to normal with just 2 clicks of the mouse. This add on has proved very useful and is one of the many reasons I never use IE or any other browser other than FF
  • Split Pannel can split firefox 4 with two panels ..
    Only split two,....no more
    if you just only want split the firefox 4 to two windows..
    can try this add-on before Fox splitter is updated for ff4.
    Good Luck!
  • I found quite a few uses for being able to split the view and see two things at once within the same window - it was a very useful functionality to have. Unfortunately, I have lost it because this doesn't work with Firefox 4.0. I really hope you or someone else will be able to come u pwith something that will work for 4.0, because I loved having this ability.
  • Your proyect is awesome!! I've been using this addon for about a year to keep a requirement form allways on my browser. I'm waiting the FF4.0 update, hope you can make it!

    Thank you so much!!
  • waiting for your support of ff4.0 ……