Modification awaited since long is now available Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It was my five star addon as I need to fill lot of forms but this is unusable now. Form Saver MOD 1.0.1 has modified original addon giving due credit to original work.

Thanks & BTW try Formlet add-on by jusuf.

Thanks for the encouragement, Himanshu. I am still groping in the dark as to why the Bookmarks Folder fails to populate in the Dialog box. In the interim, in order to retain its functionality, I hard-coded the destination directory. It is in my must-have add-ons and I have persisted with FF 3.6.28 for a few add-ons including this one.

BTW, you should try another add-on "FORMLET" by Jusuf which I just discovered yesterday which also is inspired by the original Form Saver