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  • Works as advertised. Great addon!
  • The rating is biased with people that don't read documentation, should be way higher and with way more downloads. Work as intended and is a really good feature, I'm certain this will become default someday. Thanks for the hours invested in this Addon!
  • Thank you for this awesome addon! This should become core for Firefox!
  • I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong, but I can't get it to work on https://demo.agektmr.com/storage/ for LocalStorage, and I don't know other method to see if LocalStorage is actually working in this addon.

    I'm sorry, I don't know what I did before, but it actually works!
    By the way I suppose it's normal that "SessionStorage" on this site doesn't get instantly deleted on Manual Cleanup regardless of "Protect currently...", I have to close the tab or restart the browser (I'm on v70.0.1(64-bit).
    Also can this Manual Cleanup do more than the built-in "manage data" from about:preferences#privacy?
    Thank you.
    Thanks for taking the time to write a review. I just checked your link and it works for me. Several things might be an issue here: 1. You need to actually enable cleanup in the settings in addition to creating rules, since the cleanups are disabled by default. 2. On Firefox for Android, the local storage cleanup is not supported. 3. You might have your rules set up to prevent cleanup on that domain. If you need more assistance, please visit https://github.com/Lusito/forget-me-not/issues/
  • There are a lot of settings and I did my best to be logical when I went through them. Most importantly I assumed that if I mark expressions "Never" they will not be deleted. Not so unfortunately. I keep getting messages at the bottom of FF that so and so cookie has been deleted, even though I marked them NEVER. That is a major nuisance, so I've had to disable it for now.
    Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed review. If your cookies gets deleted, it's most likely a misconfiguration. To get to the bottom of this, you can visit your website, then open the add-on popup and click on the book icon to open the cookie inspector. There you should be able to see what rule-type would be applied for the cookies of your website. If you need more help, please visit https://github.com/Lusito/forget-me-not/issues/
  • Does not work. Firefox 70. Cool interface, but automatic cleaning does not work at start or exit of firefox
    Thanks for taking the time to write a review, but with this little information I can't do anything about it. It's most likely either a misconfiguration or a misunderstanding. If you need help, please visit https://github.com/Lusito/forget-me-not/issues/
  • Working very well; only request atthis point would be some more detailed documentation for some of the specific data types (how to select/clear). Thanks for a really good tool!
  • More powerful than "Cookie AutoDelete".
  • Great potential brought down by the fact that it simply doesn't work correctly - indexeddb is not deleted for some sites, if at all; only regular cookies are.

    You can check for yourself by visiting sites which use indexedb storage and then checking your Firefox options for the presence of their storage records, long after said sites have been closed in the browser.
    First of all, thanks for writing a detailed explanation of your issue. What you are experiencing is bad wording of the firefox options. Indexeddb is correctly cleared, but some metadata is leftover. This metadata can not be read by the website. You can read a detailed explanation here: https://github.com/Lusito/forget-me-not/issues/175 .

    Also, keep in mind, that indexeddb can not be cleared when leaving a site. Only on startup or manually. I am working with mozilla on a solution for this.
  • Cleanup after X-number of days would be nice too.
  • Will ever add support for removing cookies based on containers? I'm using Multi-Account containers, and this is the only thing that stops me from using your addon. I think many will make the jump to your addon once this is done.
    It's next on my todo-list. Going on vacation soon though and it won't happen before.
  • Dev can you please make this work?
    What exactly is your problem?
  • Non functional (no icon anywhere but a pop-up message showing)
    What Firefox Version are you using? Is the add-on listed in your add-ons list (see firefox menu -> add-ons).
  • Not working for me because i cant even see this extension have installed :(
    What Firefox Version are you using? Is the add-on listed in your add-ons list (see firefox menu -> add-ons).