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  • Ein super Addon um Cookies ganz gezielt und differenziert zu verwalten. Um Klassen besser, als die eingebaute Cookie-Verwaltung des FF. Das Benutzermenü ist hervorragend strukturiert und verständlich. Mit Grips und Liebe zum Detail programmiert. Für mich ist es ein "Brot-und-Butter"-Werkzeug geworden, das auf jeden Fall in meinem Firefox dazugehört. Den Autor kann man auf der Webseite camp-firefox.de auch direkt erreichen.

    A great addon to manage cookies in a targeted and differentiated manner. Classes better than the FF's built-in cookie management. The user menu is well structured and understandable. Programmed with brains and attention to detail. For me it has become a "bread and butter" tool that definitely belongs to my Firefox. The author can also be reached directly on the camp-firefox.de website
  • Fantastic addon! just does what is promised. If this addon doesn't work for you as expected, just read the docs, its not complecated
  • Works as advertised. Great addon!
  • The rating is biased with people that don't read documentation, should be way higher and with way more downloads. Work as intended and is a really good feature, I'm certain this will become default someday. Thanks for the hours invested in this Addon!
  • Thank you for this awesome addon! This should become core for Firefox!
  • There are a lot of settings and I did my best to be logical when I went through them. Most importantly I assumed that if I mark expressions "Never" they will not be deleted. Not so unfortunately. I keep getting messages at the bottom of FF that so and so cookie has been deleted, even though I marked them NEVER. That is a major nuisance, so I've had to disable it for now.
    Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed review. If your cookies gets deleted, it's most likely a misconfiguration. To get to the bottom of this, you can visit your website, then open the add-on popup and click on the book icon to open the cookie inspector. There you should be able to see what rule-type would be applied for the cookies of your website. If you need more help, please visit https://github.com/Lusito/forget-me-not/issues/
  • Does not work. Firefox 70. Cool interface, but automatic cleaning does not work at start or exit of firefox
    Thanks for taking the time to write a review, but with this little information I can't do anything about it. It's most likely either a misconfiguration or a misunderstanding. If you need help, please visit https://github.com/Lusito/forget-me-not/issues/
  • Working very well; only request atthis point would be some more detailed documentation for some of the specific data types (how to select/clear). Thanks for a really good tool!
  • More powerful than "Cookie AutoDelete".