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  • Best weather addon for ff. Gives weather updates, and severe weather alerts

  • Unfortunately, the radar does not seem to work in firefox 3 ubuntu 8.04, please fix this and it will be a 5/5 extension

  • Very good & stable add-on, daily in use.

    If only accu-weather could provide more precise weather details (which is not the add-on's fault).

  • Serious bug in this last update! My firefox screen is divided in half containing a big black space below containing the following text in red colour: ----------^

    That's a shame, I would encourage the creators of this once faboulous add-in to fix this! So unfortunately I am now forced to use another weather plug-in until this error is fixed. :(

  • Lightweight and clean. The customization options are extensive and very useful. Most of the problems people mention in their comments are easily solved by looking through the add-on options and disabling/enabling various settings. I can't live without this!

  • I tried to install latest Forecastfox version on firefox 2.0, so a strange frame with a label appeared under status-bar. It shows:


    I tried the same extension update on Firefox 3.0 RC1 and it work perfectly... I only update this extension, so there aren't other possibility.
    Someone can help me?

  • moin

    forecastfox ist ja guti gelaufen bis heut nach den update. jetzt hab ick da so ein eine tolle leiste unten " __________^ und die bekomme ick nicht weg. kann mir einer sagen wie ick die wieder weg bekomme?

  • after the last update a strange writing appeared in my browser under the forecastfox:


    And it is displayed in a big prat of my browser, so it is very disturbing, I had to uninstall this addon...

  • A very nice and handy extension!

  • Ошибка в версии Внизу страницы какой то текст.

  • Great!

  • I have had it for over a year. it served as a great weather forecast for me.

    however, lately I had to uninstall it due to a virus threat, so I set out to re-install but it turned out that it is not compatible with FireFox version 2.0xxx. I am disappointed to learn of that.

  • I like Forecastfox, but when opening a window it causes everything to load so very slow. It's not worth it to me to have to wait on Forecastfox to load and then be able to access my pages. I've used it for some time and until it started doing this, I was more than happy with it. But now, I've uninstalled it. It also caused pages to be slow when it updated as well.

    At times it would state the weather was sunny when in fact it was raining or vice versa but that's normal for this area. I don't need something to tell me if it is sunny or cloudy. I can look out my window for those facts. I'm mainly concerned with the radar and the temp.

    It's really sad that the problem of causing Firefox to be slow caused me to stop using this extension. Fix that problem and I might use it again. I used to recommend it to others but now, not so much.

  • Simple, uncluttered and adaptable for more than one profile.

  • Fantastic. Easy to use and very compact. I wish they would allow you to show Standard and Metric at the same time!

  • Works nice other than I don't get any of the nice radar icons popping up when I mouse over the current weather.

  • It is a great addon, however it causes everything to hang when it is updating. The only flaw, but major enough to cause me to disable it.

  • The darn thing just disappeared 2days ago don't know why. tried everything, reload, security. but still won't show on tool bar. I'm so MAD!! I've had this for a long time & I depend on it in the A.M. What to do??

  • perfeito! funciona até com cidades do Brasil!

  • It's great to see the weather in advance for the days ahead on the toolbar without having to open a web page all of the time.

  • All the other weather-monitoring add-ons I've seen are pretty "heavy" -- WeatherBug has a big honking advertisement, etc.

    ForecastFox is lightweight, provides useful information, and lacks any advertising with the in-browser interface (of course, when one goes to AccuWeather for more details, some advertising is displayed, but it's not nearly as obnoxious as the WeatherBug ads).

    Two thumbs up!

  • Works for me. Very simple weather viewer, shows me the current weather and the next day's weather. And it is also pretty accurate. Easy to use, small, easy to set up, and is very useful. I can customize it and show whatever I want. I love it! It bets going on a site to find the weather or waiting for it on tv.

  • The plugin works with FF beta 5 but no pop-ups :-(
    hope, it will work with RC

  • How do I CHANGE the tool bar to tell me New Orleans weather instead of Atlanta\'s ? Other than that this is a great program.

  • i think the size of the radar needs to be bigger