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  • Nothing wrong with the program other than it gets in the way. I don't really use it though and I would like to install it but haven't seen a way of doing so.
  • Wrong city displayed. Want Decatur Illinois . This is my town
  • Six 'Black Stars' A ubiquitously conspicuous annoyance = Me no likeee ☺
  • please switch to the fixed version 4.x this ones been dead
  • No Weather. Add On is invisible, hence it is Useless.
  • No option to move or remove that umbrella that hinders scrolling. Navigation is bad enough on a laptop with fingers, don't need to FIGHT to get to the bottom of a page! Have always loved this extension, better than any others, but tings are moving too quickly now to spend time fighting to scroll. That chart is seldom used anyway so why is it there? All I want visible at a glance is current temp, day's prediction, anything more I can click for. That umbrella is IN THE WAY!!! Has to go. Which means everything has to go. Sorry about that.
  • Snyggt!
  • I used until recently the "Fixed Version" of this addon, as I understand it was from another author and it had the forementioned design changes: Only one icon, no more status bar etc.
    Somehow - I tried to install this in Linux FF and it did not work - I searched and stumbled in this original version which I believed was dead long ago.
    To my surprise it's working just fine. I have my status bar forecast back!
    But: There's just no way to alter the settings of this addon. It just sits there, no option window, nothing.
  • There's a replacement version called "Forecastfox (fix version)" -- get it instead.
  • now that i got used to it its fine , and you can get the big satellite, just click on the the Small one when it comes up. and good luck trying to find a better one, dont think there is one....
  • in this new update the great Bar has gone.. Now i can deinstall the forecast and search an other better Weather addon
  • Welcome back, sorry for ditchin you for few years!!
  • It's back alive and useful as before.Thanks!
  • Without the bar there's no need for firefox anymore. Works the same in chrome so that's one less thing I have to worry about. Bye bye firefox.
  • donde kedaron los 5 dias en mi barra
  • Wow... the latest update absolutely blows. What happened to my 5 day, day/night forecast? What happened to my severe alerts icon? What happened to the LARGE radar screen.

    It used to be that the weather forecast was no further away than a glance at the top of the screen. Now all I get now is a single hard to read icon that I have to click to see anything beside the current weather and temp.

    This extension is useless now. Uninstalling.
  • Plz update to be compatible with firefox new versions... we don't like the add-on bar icon...
  • While I understand that as Firefox moves toward WebExtensions we are going to enter a Chrome like world, one where there are fewer options to customize the browser's user interface. But, I like others, am disappointed by this update for all the reasons already mentioned, so I will not repeat them.

    But one issue not mentioned yet is the forced viewing of the satellite/radar image. This looping video is annoying to constantly see and it is very distracting. I rarely even used it in earlier versions of Forecastfox. At least give users the ability to not have to see this annoying graphic element (just allow expanding today's weather to fit the full panel on the right). Thank you for your time.
  • Like others writing here, this latest update has altered my toolbar, and all I get is a button with the temperature. No longer can I see 3 days out on the toolbar as I used to. It seems like whenever there is an update, my extensions are either disabled or do not work as before. I have been using FireFox a long time, and this may be the last straw. I am now ready to start considering Chrome and end this frustration.
  • For some reason you decided to change the entire layout, now the weather I had on my add on bar is diminished to a tiny little square and I have to click on it to get what I used to see at a glance. Bad move people. Now I have to find another add-on to do what I liked about your add-on. Very disappointed.
  • Everything about this extension just took a giant step backwards. Used to be you could have the current weather, the next N days' forecast and any alerts all in your toolbar, with a giant radar map on mouseover. Now you only get the temperature and current weather with a useless, redundant tooltip on mouseover, and everything else is hidden behind a click. The radar map has been reduced to something like a third of its previous size to make room for all the information that used to be available in the toolbar. There appears to be no way to get the old layout back, so it looks like I'll have to try to find an extension that does what this one used to.
  • On FF 53, this thing just updated itself without being authorized and stopped functioning completely. No place to restore or go back to previous version or reinstall. Right after I sent my latest contribution.
  • The last version breaks all config and can't integrate in the status bar like ever, very bad update. :'(
  • Okay. "If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is." I don't install update, because I loose everything I have installed before.
  • I miss the weather status bar at the bottom. It was convenient during storms. I didn't have to look for anything it was there. Put it back.