Good Addon / Bad Data Source Not yet rated

Let me first say that I love this addon. Nicely done. doesn't make up for the fact that it only uses Accuweather for a data source.

Accuweather has long attempted to be the only distributor of Weather Forecasts and Data, even to the point of trying to get their home state's Senator Santorum to submit Bill after Bill making it illegal for the NWS to distribute free data to the Public, but to do so for companies like Accuweather.

Promoting this Addon, and Accuweather along with it, will encourage Accuweather to continue its practices. It'd be hard to imagine a future where you had to pay for weather forecasts, ho Accuweather is surely trying.

Add other data sources and I'll change the review guys.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (