51 reviews for this add-on
  • 感觉还是Opera的外观最好啊!楼主还更新吗?弄成Opera 12那样的!
  • It's looked ugly on firefox 10
  • Compact and easy on the eye, my favourite theme. Please update to 6 so I can use it there!
  • Thank you for your skin,I have used it for a long time , hope it
    could be upgraded so that it could be uesd for Firefox 6.0
  • Update theme Fopera c 3.5 - 9.0.1!
  • FireFox 4 skin better !!!
  • It`s Nice
  • http://i.imgur.com/DgA77.jpg
    doesn't work with 'hide menubar'
  • I'm using FFv3.6.13 and got this:

    Firefox could not install the file at

    because: Download error
  • Hi,

    1. Does this theme exist anymore? Download is impossible: file not found!

    2. Author's website is not anything else but a single homepage, no download page, no support page, not even an active contact page!

    Sorry for that, I really wanted to try this theme, it could match my config...
  • Nice Idea... unfortunately there are huge color (i.e. toolbars) and distance mismatches (i.e. option windows) in Fx 3.6.x
    ...would be nice to fix that!
  • Can you please tell me why my toolbar is very tight (crushed almost) vertically? Your screenshots show more padding vertically in the main toolbar.


    Also, how do you get those dot separators you have?
  • best theme so far! love the colour, only thing is it seems to lag compared to when I use other themes such as Sky. And it'd be nice if the font in the navigation bar were larger.

    otherwise, awesome theme!
  • me a desarmado la organización de iconos y me iso desaparecer la barra de direcciones.. :S

    ademas no es compatible con "Personas"...
  • It is very good.
  • I found minor bugs, but I can tell you it the best
  • Doesn't work on Windows 7
  • menu toolbar is partially obstructed by the navigation toolbar
  • Possibly one of the best themes around.
    Please jut correct the hidden address bar bug.
  • very nice..

    On suggestion: I usually remove the menu bar but when I do this with your theme enabled the tabs doesn't move up to occupy that space. Easy fix??
  • are you aware this does not work for Mac users??
  • i love this very much... neat, easy on the eyes and just simply awesome :D
  • I LOVE Opera's new Theme, but I'm running Ubuntu Linux. Please, Please, PLEASE make a Linux compatible theme!