what this addon does, as opposed to what i'm looking for Rated 3 out of 5 stars

this addon offers two separate functions:

1) it makes everything on the whole entire page get bigger when you click on the toolbar icon button, it also offers a button that will double the whole entire page, and a reset button. I believe it's the same thing as if you hit the Cntrl key and the "+" key at the same time to make things bigger.

2) it also offers a toolbar icon button that will increase the size of your Menu Bar font.... i.e., "File Edit History Bookmarks Tools Help" will get much bigger, to see easier.

What i am looking for is an easy one click toggle to change between "Minimum Font Size". Some web pages just don't look right with the font size big, so i need a way to click a toolbar button and have it jump from 20 to 14, and back. (Under Fonts and Colors, click Advanced, and that's where you can set all sorts of font sizes, but it's a pain to do it everytime for one specific page).