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Sorry, but in Firefox 24 on Windows7 it doesn't work. When I press ctrl+alt+tab there is WINDOWS switching (native Windows 7 switcher), not tabs in Firefox.

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(Edited on 2017-01-20 )
Works perfect on Firefox 50 and also in Ppale Moon.

To those who don't know, you can change the keyboard shortcut with Dorando's Keyconfig addon :

You can also install Firegestures addon and assign a gesture with focuslasttab.swap()

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Works perfectly on FF 12, thank you so much! I use it with a mouse gesture, and I like it.

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Good idea but the shortcut ctrl + alt + tab is already used natively by Windows 7 to switch between applications. Please add an option to create our own shortcut.

Does what it says Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Simple add-on that works fine. I use it with Mouse Gestures so I can switch tabs with the mouse. I created a new gesture and then entered the keyboard shortcut for Focus Last Tab (Ctrl+Alt+Tab) in the keyboard tab, assigned a gesture, and bam it works beautifully. Thanks for the add-on!

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This add on works as expected and is appreciated. There is room for development but I'm sure the author is aware of this.

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Hm. Spoke too soon. This add-on does work, but in the context menu it uses "T" for quick selection... which makes you have to choose between the "T" normally used to open a link in a new tab and switching to the last tab. I use "T" to open a new tab all of the time and having to add another step for that action makes this add-on less attractive. Would be nicer to have the choice of whether to add *anything* to the context menu.

Can you take a screenshot of the context menu and post it to an image sharing site, then post the URL here? I'm not seeing any hot key in my context menus, but I'm on a Mac so maybe this is a Windows-only issue.

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Really missed the old add-on that allowed back-and-forth tab switching with ALT+TAB. This requires one more key in that equation but does what it purports to do. Thanks!