Not work anymore Rated 3 out of 5 stars

● Use to work but not anymore since ff10.
Can still edit existing notes but can't add new notes now on any page.

● A tooltip explaining how to get separate lines,paragraphs etc would be helpful because it's too difficult to remember it all.

● When it did work I had 1 problem with it.
Float notes appears on all pages of twitter instead of specific ones even though it is set to "this page" only. Same with other websites. Webdeveloper has a workaround for it and hopefully it will be resolved.

● Please fix all problems. I will change my rating when fixed. Thankyou and thankyou for reply.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for the information. The nodes use Markdown as text formatting language. A reference can be found here: . Basically, paragraphs have to be separated by a blank line and line breaks can be achieved with two space at the end of the line. That's just how it is

The problem with Twitter (and Facebook btw) is that you are actually always staying on the same page. Although it seems that the URL changes, the new page content is loaded dynamically, and it is difficult to detect this process. I have a workaround for that, but I have to test it more thoroughly.

Regarding not being able to add new notes: It works fine for me in Firefox 11 so I cannot reproduce the problem. Does it happen on each site or only on specific ones?