Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I was looking for something to auto-hide the addons bar. I like the clean look of firefox with no addon/status bar, like safari. But I don't have enough room on my toolbar for all the addon buttons. This seemed like a good solution.

Well, it works, but... when it hides the addons bar, it's replaced by a blank grey bar, nearly the size of the addon bar itself! What is the point of it then?

The auto-hiding of the toolbar works, but is also very annoying. If you don't use "tabs on top", then whenever you go to click on a tab, you nearly always overshoot a little - this causes the toobar to un-hide, which drops the tab bar down, so you have to re-target the tab you wanted to click or else you'll click somewhere on the toolbar.

One more thing, the bookmarks bar autohiding doesn't work on a mac (well, it hides, but it won't show again) and the control buttons in the tab bar don't appear.

Seemed like it had potential, but I was disappointed, and uninstalled it.