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  • Beautiful, I hope in porting under quantum.
  • Thank you so much for updating Flat Bookmarks. One of the best add-ons for Firefox, really missed it!
  • Grazie mille

    Please Please Please upgrade to firefox 57

  • Thank you!
  • Please update this extension to work with Firefox 56...or give us some information on your progress.
  • absolutely necessary for power users!!
  • I can't believe how dependent on this extension I've become. It should really be part of stock Firefox.
    Anyway, I am on 56.0b2 ATM, and it would be much appreciated if the extension were fixed ASAP, like back when a similar issue turned up in version 52.

    Thank you
  • This add-on is just great and works again in 52.0b1. Thanks for the fix!
  • Okee dokee
  • Version 1.11.1 works perfectly with Pale Moon browser, which is based on Firefox 24.9, but version 1.12 doesn't. Can it be made to work? Thanks for the great add-on!
  • Hello. I love this extension. I have thousands of bookmarks inside hundreds of folders and its really helps me navigate between them.

    From Firefox 41 when you create a new folder the extension rename the next bookmark or folder and the new one remains as "New folder". I solve the problem in two steps. First create a new folder with default name, "New folder", then rename it as desire.

    I use Firefox 64bits from Beta Channel. Could it be so?

    Thanks in advance!

    [Edit 1] Answer to developer

    If I disable the extension the problem disappear.

    [Edit 2]

    With Firefox 42.0b6 update the problem is solved.
    Can you reproduce the bug after disabling Flat Bookmarks addon?
  • Setting "Open folder with a single click" does not work correctly, a single click is always, regardless of this setting. Firefox 40.0.3.
    Fixed in version 1.12.
  • It doesn't work at all. I saw no change in my book marks.
  • BIEN
  • Keeps bookmarks sidebar compact end clean. Please do not abandon it.
  • they arent showing in sidebar

    edit - problem solved - i have extension "unsorted bookmarks folder menu" installed and configuring that repaired the problem
  • 比想象中更加实用!
    better than expected!!
  • Easy and useful to me .
  • Simple et efficace, i love it!
  • Menu labels "Show in Sidebar" and "Organize Bookmarks ..." don't work
  • Thanks for the update! :)
  • Love this addon and used it for ages, but the new 'feature' of remembering the last selected folder is a NIGHTMARE. I had to go back to an old version cos I was forever getting lost in my bookmarks when wanting to just go up a folder level, yet the addon was sending me elsewhere. It's really counter intuitive, PLEASE add an option to disable it.Oh and a changelog in English (or at least a language less impenetrable than Japanese) would be a great help.EDIT: As the options I mention have now been added, I have restored it's well earned 5 star rating. Thanks to the developers for those additions.
  • Exactly what I was looking for makes browsing thru my Bookmarks simple
  • very helpful when managing too many folders and bookmarked links.
  • This is one of my favorite add-ons. It's simple, elegant and functional. It allows you to reorder your bookmarks and edit with ease. Thanks so much for such a great add-on!