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  • i think its a pretty useful add but every once in a whine i have some problems when i press play and the box is white i so just reload it =/

  • I'm using a 5 year old laptop. When I visit websites that use a lot of Flash, MySpace for example, my laptop used to freeze up a lot.

    I installed Flashblock and it just doesn't load any of the advertising rubbish on that or any other site anymore.

    It made surfing the net even faster for me.

  • One of the best add-ons I've installed. My laptop was coming to a halt (with CPU usage pegged at 100%) every time I loaded a web page with multiple flash animations. That problem is gone and all web pages load faster now. It's also so much less annoying now that YouTube videos, ads, and other Flash animations don't just start playing automatically when a page is opened. Highly recommended.

  • I LOVE this add-on. All those annoying ads from Yahoo... Now I don't have to change my stock email address to the less annoying gmail.

  • Dobre...dobre.. Nie trzeba sie znac..

  • One of the best addons that I have ever used. I use an older pc, and this have saved me from many lags. Thank you so much!

  • Just in case I missed it, you can activate and refresh your Flash Block by simply if doing a CTRL-CLICK (Click being a mouse click on FB Icon),
    or SHIFT-CLICK on the button, this will refresh the current page as well as toggling Flash on/off.

    Thanks for the tip Philip Chee!

  • I really love the way that Flashblock has restored the speed of Firefox. I never realized how much Flash stuff is on websites! One problem seems to be with Java. Some games that use Java don't want to load when Flashblock is active. I've tried disabling it and restarting Firefox but the problem remains.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for! I'm using it on FF3 through a Windows 2K3 Terminal Server session. No more slowdowns caused by those pesky Flash items!

  • terrible!

  • this add-on is one of those that EVERY user should use. I have a system with limited video resources and it speeds up content I actually want to see by blocking that which I do not.

  • The Flashblock is a very good tool for blocking Flash animations. However, I have noticed that in certain occasions the block does not work. For instance, on http://www.wetter.de (a German weather service website) the Adobe Flash ad banners keep on appearing even after downloading the Flashblock and restarting the browser.

  • Für mich unpraktisch und nicht nützlich. Nach ersten Tests habe ich es deinstalliert

  • This is absolutely the number one addon for linux firefox users.No doubt.

    Here I would like to suggest something that could make it better.
    A graylist that sites within could only show the frame bar and the play icon of flashes from its own address.
    A blacklist that completely removes any flash without leaving its frame box,which means no flash at all.

    thanks very much.

  • Ooh! This is working GREAT!

    I have very little RAM on my system, and I figured that if I blocked those flash ads, Firefox would use less RAM.

    And I was right! Either that...or, I dunno.

    But either way - thanks for giving me my RAM back!

  • Very nice add-on. I think it would be nice if in future versions more options were added, though. Specifically, the ability to blacklist certain sites and allow flash as a default in addition to the current blocking with a whitelist choice, and the ability to individually block flash files on sites which are otherwise whitelisted. An extra click to view flash is a small price to pay to not suffer annoying ads, but I think adding more options could make this even better.

  • Excellent job!

    Please continue improving upon this concept, and extend blocking also to Java Applets, Silverlight, and Shockwave!

    Highly Recommended Addon:

  • Being very sensitive to useless, aggressive animation like ads, this add-on is like a breath of fresh air. Between this and adblock, web cruising becomes almost enjoyable!

  • Just awesome! I was starting to get really annoyed by those flash banners eating up my CPU.

  • Smashing! Finally we can enjoy the quiet that we used to have in the early days of internet.
    Thanks a lot!

  • This is a great addon, sleek and simple. Pages load faster, and I'm not annoyed by ads, or chat (unless I want to be). My only suggestion would be a "flash re-block" button (possibly in the right click menu) for those of us who keep clicking the wrong thing : ) 5/5

  • Molto utile, facile e semplice da gestire. Grazie.

  • To those who are complaining about flashblock remaining after uninstalling, reinstall, and try disabling it before the uninstall.

  • I'm so tired of aggressive flash advertisements on web pages. After I installed Flashblock, my trouble's went away.

  • Excellent, excellent add-on. It works (important!), reduces load times for pages, reduces my involuntary ad exposure, and I can always see the flash animations if I choose to.