Disappointed... Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I'm reminded of the description of this addon which currently states:

...and blocks ALL Flash content from loading...

Flashblock currently blocks the following content types:
* Macromedia Flash
* Macromedia Shockwave
* Macromedia Authorware

This addon used to be a core addon that I installed on not just my own machines, but others... however... late last year I discovered that your above advertisement is false and have thus removed it from dozens of machines. It's taken me quite a bit of time to "recover" from this apparent oversight, calm down and spend a rather long period of contemplation writing this review.

Luckily NoScript addon properly blocks ALL flash objects with one change to "apply these restrictions to trusted sites".

Flashblock currently allows several JavaScript Framework Flash objects through BY DESIGN... most notably sIFR among a few others.

Due to this lack of disclosure on AMO, I can't recommend this addon period due to security concerns.

In order to improve this rating, Flashblock should ASK or give a default option to NOT ALLOW sIFR and other JavaScript Flash frameworks and divulge to the general public here on AMO that it DOES allow some Flash through.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5.8).