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2,915 reviews for this add-on
  • i don´t know how to download something
    it would be much better when the addon shows you, how to use it
    but it´s a nice idea and i will learn how to use it because i wanna download some depeche mode songs i like

  • Simple to use product that does exactly as it says on the tin, re-combining audio and video components rapidly at completion of dowload. Thank you!

  • fixe

  • This app is very useful.
    It can save many types of video files. Not only YouTube videos. In some cases, I can't save files, though.

  • L'inconvenient es haver d'intal·lar peçes a part del complement. L'aventatge es que dona el que promet i amb una llicència amb la que no cal vendre-li l'ànima al dimoni

  • It requires FVD ( external program to allow downloading. On the only plus side, it shows a button to copy the original link, so it's possible to download the video streams without the external tool (on the down side, it only shows the links for the video streams, so it's necessary to get the audio stream from another video).

  • The downloads are very fast and the software downloads at high quality, unlike the other yt downloaders.

  • A lot of issues on Android

  • Very useful!

  • Great programme.
    High Quality downloads.
    Just what I wanted.

  • great

  • the best

  • Fantastic add-on!!

  • Most download sites dont work!!
    Really baaad Software!!!

  • .....

  • Agora pedem que você instale uma aplicação paralela a todo custo.

  • Latest upgrade stopped working again with Youtube (Firefox 61)

  • good!


  • needed

  • Stopped working again. Ugh. 07/11/2018

  • no complaints here.

  • asking for installing unknow software, so "4k video downloader" is just a fake ad

  • cannot download HSL stream anymore

  • g