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Version 32.9 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 56.*

Yet another "quick-fix" version, since both 1.3.0 and 1.3.5 had some annoying bugs. However, despite being a "quick-fix", I expect this version to stand for a while, since it appears to work reasonably well. In other words, don't expect another version for a while (unless, of course, some grievous error should appear on the scene).

Hopefully the following should now work:

- Correct centering in all modes (a small margin may be visible due to a hack preventing Firefox from showing scrollbars when it's not supposed to, the color of the margin can be forced using the options).

- Correct page title (and therefore correct drag'n'drop shortcut/bookmark naming as well - Note that bookmarks/shortcuts will open the original, non-maximized, page).

- Should work with more sites and content than ever before (but see known bugs below).

- I've made this version compatible with all platforms, hoping to get some feedback from Mac and *nix users (does it work at all? Any problems? If so, any idea what is the cause, what is the fix?)

Known bugs and issues:

- There are still some sites and content that isn't maximized correctly (mostly this means not at all), notably sites and content that it should, at least in theory, be possible to maximize. Hopefully I'll be able to make my parser handle these in the future. This is NOT to say that there won't always be sites and content that won't work with FGM, since it is quite easy to prevent (be it incidental or intentional) FGM (or anything else) from parsing the Flash URL (for instance if using script-injection) on a site and/or from changing the size of the Flash content (for instance if a fixed size is forced by the programmer).

- In an attempt at making FGM work with more sites, I've introduced a small delay after a page loads, before parsing the content. This should make some scripted sites work, since the scripts should now be able to do their stuff, before my parser takes a look at the results. The backside of this is that it now takes and additional 1/3 of a second, before the button lights up (in blue). As when auto-parsing is disabled, you can still press the (gray) button at any time (as long as the HTML document has finished loading) to force immediate parsing (and, if anything is found, maximization).

- As mentioned above, there may be some margins around the content, which may not always be colored correctly (adjusting the "flash color" and "force color" options may improve the result). Unfortunately, until I find a better workaround for the issue with Firefox sometimes showing scrollbars when (certain) Flash content is maximized, this is the best compromise I have found.

Please don't hesitate to write me with bug-reports or suggestions (privacy.lover[at]gmail.com). I only ask, in case of bug-reports about FGM not working with specific content or sites not working, that you first verify that it is at all possible to A) find the Flash URL and B) change the size of the Flash content. You can do this quite simply as follows: First right-click somewhere on the page around the content and select "View page source". Now press CTRL-F and type ".swf" in the search-box. By using the "Next" button you should now be able to locate the URL of the Flash content you want to maximize. If you can NOT locate such a URL, FGM will probably not be able to do so either, and it is unlikely that I can do anything about it. If/when you have located the content URL, select it with the mouse and copy it to the clipboard. Now paste the URL into the Firefox location-bar (note that if the URL is relative, which is to say if it doesn't start with "http:", then you need to combine it with the first half of the URL already present in the location-bar). If you then press enter (or click the blue arrow at the end of the location-bar), the content should load maximized (filling the entire browser window). If this does not happen (assuming you used a correctly combined URL), in that either nothing is shown or the content is still shown in a fixed size, then it is also the case that I am unlikely to do anything about it. If, on the other hand, after going through all these motions, you end with a window-full of correctly maximized content, then please DO write me a short e-mail (containing the URL to the page with problematic content), so I can try to get FGM to work with it...



Version 1.3.0 27.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 3.5.*

Finally a new and improved version. I hope you all haven't given up on FGM in the meantime, despite several issues with the previous versions.

This version features major re-writes, including a much-improved parser, now capable of handling nearly all EMBED elements and most OBJECT elements (the latter currently only being looked for if none of the former was found in the page). As far as I've been able to test FGM on various Flash game sites, it should now maximize something like 98% of all available games. As usual there are exceptions, notably when Flash is injected through JavaScript. In a future version I may try to implement some kind of JavaScript-parser, but this is a quite complex task (and still not likely to work with all scripted flash-injectors), so it may be a while (or not happen at all). Also there are a few Flash games that simply ignore the width and height attributes of their embedding element, and thus can't be maximized under any circumstance (short of the game-developer changing his code).

For some time I've had a problem with some Flash games causing scroll-bars to be shown when they aren't needed/wanted (ie. when using "Fit to Window" or "Fit with Aspect"). I've not yet found the reason for this, nor a really good solution to the problem. For the time being however, I've opted to use a less-than-optimal fix, which is to say that I subtract a few pixels form the computed size when necessary. Unfortunately this will cause a small border to appear in some circumstances (ie. when using "Fit to Window" you may see a few lines of background above and/or below the Flash content and when using "Fit with Aspect" you will typically see a few more lines of background on all sides of the content). In future versions I hope to provide a better solution to this issue, preferably one that will allow most, if not all, Flash content to be maximized without any unnecessary "borders".

There are a few other changes and new features as well:

- When Flash has been maximized, the "Flash Size" sub-menu will now display the actual pixel dimensions of the various fixed-size (percentage) options. A star (*) will be shown next to sizes that are likely to be too big for your display (this is somewhat of a "guestimate", as it ultimately depends on how much screen real-estate you have left for your browser-window contents - The assumption is that you have a fullscreen-mode with no browser-GUI elements visible, but that your OS-specific "task-bar" or whatever might still be shown).

- A new "Flash Quality" sub-menu, and corresponding Options dialog entries, allowing you to preset the Flash quality used when maximizing. Note that this feature won't work with all Flash content. Changing the quality setting after maximizing will typically not affect the Flash content (minimize and re-maximize for the change to take effect). Unless you enable the "Force Quality" setting (in the menu or the options dialog), the Flash Quality setting will only be used if no quality attribute is present in the maximized element. After maximizing, the menu will be updated to reflect the quality used when maximizing. This, however, is no guarantee that it is the actual quality used by the Flash content, as the quality can be changed both by the game itself and, in some cases, by the user (you) through the Flash context-menu. In either case, the FGM sub-menu won't be updated to reflect such a change.

- Various minor improvements and optimizations, including better centering of maximized content. All size-modes should now be correctly centered, with the exception of Flash content that doesn't allow resizing (which will typically be shown in the top-left or bottom-left corner, but ultimately depending on the specific game). Note that when using "Fit to Window" the Flash content will be given the width and height of the entire window, regardless of what aspect-ratio (if any) the game is using/expecting. This may cause some games to display various "artifacts" outside the area that the game is actually using (ie. if you have a wide-screen monitor, and the game use the old 4:3 aspect-ratio, you may see graphics overflowing the actual game-area and/or spurious graphic-elements being rendered in the unused areas etc.) To prevent this, use the "Fit with Aspect" setting instead (due to the "scroll-bar problem" mentioned above, even this mode may show a few extra lines of background or overflow/artifact outside the game-area).

This version has NOT been tried on the new Firefox 3.5 beta, but I see no reason why it shouldn't work (I'll update the version-compatibility to include 3.5.* as soon as I have had a chance to test it).

As usual, I have no proper means of testing FGM on platforms other than my own (Vista), so there is no guarantee that it works on anything but this (but, likewise as usual, I've left the extension open to all platforms, under the assumption that it should work with any OS).

[EDIT: In order to get the extension approved for the public, I've had to limit the compatibility to the Windows platform only, as some OSX users appear to experience problems. However, I have no reason to suspect that all recent versions (including the two latest) shouldn't work on OSX, at least to the extent it has done so in the past. I will gladly hear from any Mac users who have tried installing FGM, especially if there are any problems and/or any suggestions as to how these can be resolved (as I have no means of testing on a Mac myself).]