Is it possible to remove F12 hotkey? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

F12 conflicted with firebug and standard dev. tool hotkey.

This is very uncomfortable.

Used to love it Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I used this addon for a long time and quite liked it. It did exactly what it implied, found flash files on the page and maximizing them. I liked it over Swiffout, at the time, because Swiffout actually changes your resolution. This is good in some cases, as there are some flash games that don't zoom appropriately. But in most cases, it was just an annoyance.

Unfortunately, the addon no longer works on a majority of sites I use, and more every month. The creator blames his tools; you'll see him telling multiple users that it's 'impossible' on these sites to parse for the flash files. And yet, Swiffout still works just fine.

It's sad to leave. It was such a simple and clean addon, but if it doesn't work, then it doesn't work, and I'll have to go on my way. I hope that one day you figure out how to get around this issue.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Hmm.. works good!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Did not work fine for me; can't recommend it right now, waiting for an update.

Not very informative?

Could you possibly be a tad more specific? Don't hold your breath for an update - Amongst many thousands of users, you seem to be the exception, and also I've neither the time nor the money to maintain a free plugin that otherwise seem to work as well as can be expected, given the circumstances (see my remarks about how/why some sites and games won't work with FGM, regardless of what I might try to do). Please address future bug-reports to the provided e-mail address, as per Mozillas guidelines.

Doesn't work (Mac FF 21 or 22) Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Doesn't work for me. Downloaded for Mac FF 21, enabled & set prefs, restarted FF, verified shows as enabled in Add-ons menu, found icon in bottom right corner, and added to toolbar. Alas, icons stay inactive on the 4-5 flash sites I've tested. Upgraded to FF 22, didn't help. Too bad -- great idea, but I'd guess this isn't being maintained so incompatible with recent FF releases.

So as the main feature of the Flash Game Maximizer seems to be that it does not actually detect any Flash Games, much less maximize them, I suggest renaming this extension to be the Flash Game Ignorer.

Sorry that it doesn't work for you?!?

I don't own a Mac, so have no way of testing on that platform. I can only rely on thousands of Mac users, who doesn't seem to have problems? Did you try with several different Flash games on several different sites? Many sites and programmers prevent zooming their Flash content nowadays, to ensure their ads are seen. Nothing I can do about this I'm afraid. Regarding version-compatability: While it is true that I haven't had time to "maintain" this free plugin (for which I've generously received somewhere below $30 in total donations, over more than four years, while having > 50.000 active users during the entire period), it is also true that I've been told by Mozillas automated compatability-checker, that my plugin has no issues with the latest FF. I get very few bug-reports like yours (not even in the space reserved for reviews, where such shouldn't in fact be addressed), and therefore get the impression that it works just like it always have, and just like I say it will (which is: For some Flash games/apps, on some sites, where steps to prevent such things as my plugin from working have NOT been taken). If you really can't get my extension to work at all, on any site/game, then please write me a proper bug-report via e-mail. If I get more than one such mail, about the same issue (so far, yours would be the first and only of is kind), I'll consider finding time to take a look at it...

Firefox 22.0 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

works with FF 22.0

An End to My Flash Frustrations Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Are you Kidding?! How could it be any easier...

I am not a gamer. However, I do live on the Florida gulf coast where Hurricane season flash weather map viewing is a common pastime and almost a must.
My favorite alert site went from free to pay... Grrrrr! That left visitors with a 1/6 page live sample frame. One click of the "G" (or F12) gave me back a full browser view and uncovered the lost overlay controls. WOW!
I went to some alternative sites and found this simple, straight forward add-on (along with the F11 key) opened up a whole new "world" of full screen flash animation viewing.
I'm using Firefox 12 and it works without a hitch.
Thanks A-) for a great little utility that helps keep the Firefox web viewing experience way ahead of the rest.

You are very welcome ;)

Glad to hear it works well for you. Nice of you to let me and everyone else know about it - Makes a nice change from all those "doesn't work for me" reviews. Thanks ;)

Hotkey problem Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Firebug's hotkey and hotkey of this are same. Firebug does not open by F12 if It is installed

Please consider relicensing Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Excellent contribution.
Please consider relicensing to APL/MPL/LGPL like open source.
I think it would make more users comfortable about its use.

Thanks, but why relicense?

Hi Ganapathi,

Thank You for the stars.

Why would anyone (excluding the deranged and the feebleminded) be "comforted" by MORE legalese mumbo-jumbo, rather than less; I'm certainly NOT..?!?

My extension is free, with no strings attached what so ever; heck, you can even use my code and graphics with impunity. What's to be "uncomfortable" about..?!?



Only on some Rated 3 out of 5 stars

only works on some original flash games.. but some don't work either.

And that, unfortunately, is as good as it will ever get...

... Since it is quite easy, either intentionally or by accident, for the Flash or web-site developers to prevent their Flash content from being zoomed, no matter how I might try to do it. This is why I made sure to include at least one remark to this effect in the description of my extension.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I only used it at one flash game that I liked and there it worked great. There should be a possibility to give the symbol into the context menu (of flash content) or to an other bar, Because I use it that rare, so the symbol wastes the appbar space.

A great idea, but...

... I'm afraid I haven't the time or money to spend on such an upgrade. I did in fact plan something along these lines (an option to insert a button next to any zoomable Flash content on the page), but since this would be quite a lot of work, and since this extension isn't exactly making me rich ($27 donated so far, despite 50K users over four years), I'm afraid it isn't likely to get done anytime soon (unless I win the lottery or some such).

Rated 2 out of 5 stars

Tried on a few flash games on facebook, regretfully it fails to work correctly on the majority. To bad, nice idea, though.

Once again...

... As I say in the description (and in several replies like this), my extension does not, and indeed can not, work with any and all Flash content and/or web-sites. I would be surprised if it worked at all on anything related to Facebook, as they rely heavily on scripting and do a LOT to prevent "abuse" (which might well include steps to prevent script-manipulation of embedded Flash objects). I'm afraid it is very easy to stop my extension from doing its job, and there is nothing I can do about it (not that I would - If site-operators and/or Flash authors does not want their stuff to be zoomed, who am I to go against their wishes - Not even sure it would be strictly legal to try to do so?)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank U
So much for such a great addon

5 star

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Very useful tool but with flash multiplayer on line games doesn't work.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I love this add-on. It does what it say it does.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Nice add-on, but should have an option to keep default background. If I choose any color, even transparent, some background colors in the game get overrided by the color I've chosen, even if it isn't forced.

Until this is fixed, 4 stars only. Otherwise would be a great add-on.

Flash Game Maximizer Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Flash Game Maximizer is quite the tool!
Go to
on this website you will find a 26 gigapixel flash image of Dresden, Germany
after the image of Dresden loads, click on the Flash Game Maximizer Icon,
wait for it to load, just remember use the (A) on your keyboard to zoom in
and use (z) on your keyboard to zoom out, and the right-left-up-down arrows on your
keyboard to zoom around
Enjoy zooming in and around!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Works perfectly, thank you!

I have dual monitors and I like to watch football (via flash based video) on one screen maximized, and use the other monitor to surf the web or play a game.
Prior to your addon I could not watch football fully maximized because as soon as I clicked on the other monitor the video would minimize. Now however, it works flawlessly!

Again, thank you!

Glad you like it

Hi netfool,

I'm glad to hear that my extension can be used for your purposes, even if it was not quite what it was intended for. I will make a note of this, and try to see if I might provide even better functionality for people who wish to maximize non-game stuff, such as video-players and the like. I might even release a separate extension for this purpose at some point in the future...



Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I have MacOS 10.4.11
FireFox 3.5.2

I had to add "Extensions.checkCompatibility::false" to about:config, but now that I installed it, it seems to work.

It make the game use the full browser window although it always says "no flash detected"

I use with the FaceBook games (like

Please read the "important note"

Hi jpenguin,

Please refer to the "important note to all users" on the main page, for an explanation of (and two ways to fix) the "no flash detected" issue (you can either download version 1.3.6 or start using the toolbar-button to make the button(s) work as intended).

With regard to the compatibility issue: Unfortunately I was given the impression that FGM 1.3.0 didn't work on Darvin (Mac OS-X) platforms, prior to uploading it. Accordingly I set the compatibility to "Windows" only. If you want to avoid the checkCompatability::false hack, try installing version 1.3.6 (available on the "Old Versions page", even if it is in fact a newer version), which should have its compatibility set to "ALL".



Rated 5 out of 5 stars

First off, this is an amazing software that has no match on the web today. 1.3.5 works great for me with firefox 3.5.1. I have a request, which I hope the creator will at least read.

Could you please look into stretching the video streams ?
I use your great add-on to maximize video streams, and sometimes the video was not recorded in the right aspect ratio. Your window aspect just changes the video player size, not the stream. I think it will be really useful to allow disproportionate stretching to a defined ratio (4:3, 16:9, 5:4, 16:10) not just the window size. Another good idea is to allowing zooming, or basically fit the content based on height or width, to cut off the black bars in the video stream.

Thank you very much for all the work you put into this.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3.5). 

Changing aspect?

Hi MikeZ88,

With regard to changing the aspect of "video-streams":

Since my extension is only able to change the dimensions of the actual Flash content (in this case the "video player"), I consider it highly unlikely that this would result in a corresponding change in the dimensions, and certainly not in the aspect, of the video-stream being played. It may be, for some players, that the video-size is changed along with the player (at least I must assume so, since you probably wouldn't use FGM with video-players otherwise). However, since the aspect of a video stream is something inherent in the stream itself, it is likely to be fixed by the player-code.

If you e-mail me a link to one of the players you use, and which you know to work with FGM, I will try and see if anything happens to the video, if I make my code maximize the player using a different aspect-ratio. In the unlikely case that it works, I will of course make sure to include some kind of "aspect modification" feature in the next version (at some point I may add some kind of "manual size entry" feature anyway, but unless the above gives a positive result, it won't be very high on my list of priorities)...