Unfortunate Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Tree tabs - nope - 1/4 worky -> no worky

Colors - background? Why not the tab and choose text/background colors of tab content - coloring the surface behind the tab is awkward ugly and clunky.

Options - uh-huh, doesn't do a dang thing - at all - nada.. Sorry, I can make the icon colored but only default colours. Icons are useful but not when they're overwritten with a splotch

Tab context menu (right click) does not work at all either

I gave it one star because a) it exists and that a damn good start and b) I had to disable it because it sucks in it's current state and is distracting, cumbersome and less than helpful.

1. Make it work with tree tabs if you can
2. Options should work, all of them
3. Option to color the tab *not* just around the tab
4. Loose the icon color option
5. Don't forget people drag and drop tabs - inheritance is crucial to reduce annoyance
6. Right click menu needs to work

How to reproduce?

Mind telling me what OS you're on, and what version of Firefox you're running? Also, feel free to email me at: firefoxREMOVETHIS@mattpowell.otherinbox.com