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  • I miss flags from FF56 and below.
  • There are MANY reasons I love this app, here's just a few.

    1. Knowing server locality is useful, and can provide evidence of phishing/spear phishing websites misrepresenting themselves/their location.
    2. Save money by tracking down a site, such as a "Canadian Pharmacy" to find it's really in China, and there is a high probability of counterfeiting there.
    3. sometimes, it's just fun to have and play around with.
  • finde ich gut
  • отлично.
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  • Awesome!
  • It does the job, but why access my PC IP and address? And my accounts data? The clipboard? Removed for being intrusive.

    Developer response

    IPs are used to lookup up locations for flags. Accessing IPs/hostnames for sites you visit has always been the primary function of Flagfox. Firefox is only asking now because Mozilla took a year to get around to adding a missing API and then decided to require a confusing prompt to use it (in order to work around one of their unfixed bugs). Sorry, I have no control over this stupidity.

    Flagfox can use the clipboard for copying IPs. Kinda dumb that they feel the need to ask permission for this, but whatever.

    Flagfox doesn't access any of your accounts' data. That's a misreading of the (obviously badly worded) permission explanation. The WebExtension permissions system is kinda crap. What it actually means is Flagfox can access loaded web pages, e.g. to auto-fill a form in one for an action.

    A full explanation on what this actually means and what Flagfox does with it is here:
  • super
  • This add-on together with uBlock Origin are the 2 best and most essential add-ons that I use. Have been using it for many years, keep up the great work guys.
  • I have used Flagfox for many years. A single click to access Geotool is informative. Add-on helps to help identify rogue sites. After a hiatus, flagfox finally working well with Quantum these last few months, and Flagfox 6.1.0 changelog is the freakin' best ever! Please give the dev constructive feedback when necessary.
  • Great add-on. Previous issues have been resolved in the latest update and performs better overall. No complaints.
  • Finally it is back as WebExtension! Thank you so much!

    The icons look distorted though. I think they are rectangular and are forced to be displayed as square. Maybe make them square with padding on top and bottom to counter that?

    I would also like an option to disable the context menu entry on active tabs/pages. Context menu on the icon is fine though.
  • Thanks for your work since many years ;-) Really a must have !!
  • This is one of the best icons! I really enjoy knowing what server I am connected to in which country. I've been using this add-on for years, and hope to see it continue to be updated, as well as, working sucessfully. Easy to use and understand.
  • Son increible
  • un no la e probadoa
  • A must have
  • Great app
  • Ni sy langsung ksh bintang 5 key..
    Tp ada juga syarat/permintaan sy itu ;klu tentang mslh kecepatan browshing itu tlgla diperbaharuin ketingkat yg bnr bnr super cepat yg tiada kata ngelek atau lemot .sama sekali.. dan atau juga bs di lacak/terlacak sewaktu lg mrnjelajah ke situs witesite link perjudian.. ,thank ..
    Semoga keluhan sy ini segera di tanggalpi dan lalu di tindak lanjuti ya boss.. ,TQ.. BRAVO .. EXTENSION..
  • Just luv it
  • Nice, useful addon, though it's too bad the newer versions can't be used on <Firefox 57. Also, an option to open the menu on left-click would be nice, and it definitely needs the ability to export/import the settings, which is the main reason it's not 5-stars.

    Edit: Down from 4 to 3 stars since not only am I forced to use an older version, since the newer versions aren't compatible with <v57 (running Waterfox), but I keep telling it not to show me the warning message about the flags getting out of date yet it KEEPS showing me the message anyways. If you're going to update it in a way that leaves a large portion of your users behind, at least don't rub it in our faces.

    Second edit: Back to 4-stars now that I'm using a more up-to-date version, though it would be nice if it could be added to AMO or at least be signed by Mozilla. And I still would really like to see the ability to backup the configuration. As previously mentioned, that would make it near-perfect.

    Developer response

    If you're using Firefox 52 ESR, or a fork based on it, I've been releasing Flagfox 5.2.x ESR updates that support it. If not, please update your browser or switch to one of those; running a browser without its security updates is dangerous. You can download the latest Flagfox 5.2.x ESR version here:
  • Works flawlessly. Super useful. Thanks.
  • Bv
  • The additional tools is why I got this!
  • I like the fact that I can browse without the world kknowing where I'm browsing and to stop selling my info to different companies and unable to unsubscribe.