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I have read your answer, and I am totally surprised with your poor education shown in my e-mail service today. "Reply:
there is no status bar anymore. Firefox hasn't had a status bar in 8 months at this point and I've already explained why I'm not going to write a new mess for this pointless minor option. You and a couple others have an astonishing level of arrogance and persistence in abusing this review system to repeatedly make demands of one person writing and maintaining free software for you in his spare time. The other 1.7 million Flagfox users don't care and I would appreciate it if you moved on with your life.". Are you kidding me, don't you? I am writing this comment with Firefox 8.0.1 which has an add-on bar, full of coloured icons (mostly 14). There is also an add-on to organize these icons, and the "Status 4Evar" extension makes this add-on bar a perfect status bar for everybody. My new score is five stars to make you happy. Please do think about the real fact that the correct place for the add-on icons is the add-on bar. I think that you don't want to move a simply add-on icon by obstinacy. What else?

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