40 reviews for this add-on
  • It is a very cute way of reminding me to be wise.
  • Super cute
  • I Love owls and it's so cute!
  • To cute
  • Love this cute creachers.
  • 很可爱^ω^
  • Muito bom
  • 十分的可爱
  • So darn cute, love this one
  • Cinco estrellas
  • They're sooo cute, loved it
  • I like it a lot! Very cute.
  • Me gusta el efecto del fondo que hace ligero a la vista el banner, permite un contraste agradable con el colorido y las imágenes son sencillas, simpáticas y también agradables a la vista.
  • This is an awesome theme. Keeps me smiling
  • These are so cute!
  • I love this theme. I never get tired of it. I try to use different ones, but I always end up going bk to this one.
  • So cute!
  • I loved this. It's bright, cute and adorable.
  • It is really nice
  • i like it!
  • One of my favourites - I SO love Owls
  • Very beautiful - it's like a childrens fairytale :)
  • oh the owlet, i love the owlet.. so colorfully
  • Very beautiful
  • Created an account in here just to say THANK YOU for making these five cute owls. They remind me of my siblings and I and it brings tears to my eyes. :)
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