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  • Please, update..

  • i have lost my 2 favourite addons with ff4 already, please don't make this addon the 3rd one

  • Please, update for FireFox 4.

  • it is a very decent plugin that changes the complete outlook of the browser in a good way.. i would like to request you to please continue working on this plugin and make it available for current and future versions. thanks



  • Please keep working on this to make it compatible with 4.0+, you have so many lovers of this app I don't see why not!

  • guys just read above
    Firefox 4.0 support: I won't support Firefox 4.0 or later. If you're a developer and want to add Firefox 4.0 support yourself, please contact me in the forum thread linked above. Otherwise please try the Status-4-Evar extension from https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/status-4-evar/ instead."

  • please tell us u will upgrade it for ff4 :)

  • I love this add-on. I agree with the others that Status-4-evar does not work. For example, right now, I'm using the Qute theme for FF4 but S4E does not work to change the progress bar. Fission always worked with any theme. Please update this for FF4.

  • Hi !!
    FF 4 have realy need your Add-on
    tkx for the time spent with Fission ;) i hope you do an upgrade

  • Please update, I've been using this for over a year.. thx

  • iv been using this for year now. FF4 update pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Status4ever sucks, please update Fission for Firefox 4!

  • please update for FF4 !

  • https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/status-4-evar/
    Fission was good while it lasted but Status-4-Evar has the same functionality plus some extras. Check it out.

  • Please update for FF 4

  • Please update for FF4

  • Please update for FF4

  • Status bar 4 evar doesn't come close to fission, pity...

  • This has been one of my favourite extensions since I discovered it. What a pity that zeniko will not be updating it for FF4. :(
    Status-4-Evar comes reasonably close when you use the "Fill" setting for Position.

  • This add on is simply great! (specially for those who don't want to have a statusbar). It saves a lot of visualization space by combining both "progress bar" and "mousehover links" at the address bar. Firefox and Googlechrome didn't realize this yet, they still put all that information at the the bottom of the screen which is very distracting, wastes visualization space and also wastes the potential of that really big address bar at the top. The biggest problem: It is NOT compatible with FF4.0. So, please update!

  • Precisamos de uma versão compatível com o Firefox 4.0

  • no need-- status4eva does this and a whole lot more for ff4

    * this was good though for ff3.6 and below *

  • Yet-to-be-released Firefox 4.0 is supposed to get a Fission-like feature---Supposed to is the key word. Mozilla has mucked it all up trying to copy Chrome.

  • Excellent job. Makes page loading progress far easier to see, especially on a monitor with a high resolution. And to those who are rating it poorly because it's messing up your themes or that it doesn't work with FF4, please read the developer's notes in the "More about this add-on" section of the page. If you want it to work without problems, use a version of Firfox that's not beta with the default theme.

  • Great addon. Works great, accurate indicator.

    Only issue I had was after restoring a profile, Fission said it wasn't compatible with FF 3.6.13 (the same version it was installed and working in) but a reinstall of Fission solved that.