361 reviews for this add-on
  • Isn't compatible but you can to install status-4-evar.
  • Needs Firefox 20 support.
  • Please update for Firefox 19....
  • "FANTASTIC"..this addon + omnibar addon, make possible to me, to remove status bar and navigation toolbar and make my firefox awesome minimalistic look browser..thank U.
  • To the author: your add-on is useful and beautiful. We miss it now it's not available with Mozi's Firefox fast release system. May we we know if you'll come back to it, please?

    Un plugin utile qui simplifie la partie supérieure du navigateur et laisse bien plus de place pour lire les URLs ET pour taper ses recherches :)
  • it is a very decent plugin that changes the complete outlook of the browser in a good way.. i would like to request you to please continue working on this plugin and make it available for current and future versions. thanks
  • Was a great add-on. Moved to Status-4-Evar, as the creator suggested
  • 1.Ensure that Firefox is not running.
    2.Open your UserChrome.css file.
    3.Paste the following code at the bottom :
    #urlbar { background-color: #00FF00 !important; color: #000FFF !important; }
    #urlbar[level] .autocomplete-textbox-container >* {
    background-color: #FFFFB7 !important;
    4.Save the file and start the Firefox. You can see the changes in the address bar.
    5.You can change the color combination. Change the color code to desired value.

    I loved this add on so much
  • Hey Dude, when you gonna make update for Firefox 8?
  • I miss this add-on. I just came to think about it recently and wanted to install it, only to find it's not compatible with the latest version of Firefox, 8.0.1. Please update!
  • updated package:

  • Could be better. I like the idea of adding a progress bar, but the lack of being able to change search engines is stupid. Currently I'm using Foobar. Why? Because it allows me to change the search engine in the address bar. It also allows suggestions. You can limit how many you get too.
  • Please Update Firefox 6.0
  • It's spelled Status-4-Evar (not ever)
    Works good on FF4
  • thank you so far.
    i move onto status-4-ever, with the upgrade to firefox4.

    i really liked this addon.
    Great addon, Fission! Goodbye!
  • Отличное дополнение. Жать что не совместимо с FireFox 4 :(
  • I really liked this extension. Unfortunately it was not updated for Firefox 4 and I will miss it but at at least I just found the "Status-for-Evar" extension which (other then converting the Addon-Bar back into a Status Bar) allows you to refissionize the URL Bar :) It's a good replacement even through I would not need all that Addon-Bar stuff...

  • Please make compatible with Firefox 3.6.16. Shows grayed out saying not compatible with Firefox 3.6.16. Great for when you want to hide the Status bar. This will give you page load progress and URL links when mouse over them.
  • I've loved using this addon for FF3 since I found it, shame about not updating it to FF4! Please someone help out!!
  • please update to support firefox 4
  • please update
  • Joining the requests for support>current Firefox (+then add in description that it removes the strange mouseover tooltip of version 4). =)
  • i love this add-on. please update this.....