A Must-Have for First Tasters Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This piece of software is cleanly written, simple, concise, and works like a dream. Quick to download and install, it gives the user instant control over the blog postings at Kraft Canada's First Taste (FT) community site. This means the ability to instantly filter out spammers, to highlight friends so they are easier to spot in the posts, and to pick out your own comments when you have responded to other people's posts. In addition, the formatting features so lacking in Kraft Canada's edition are wonderful to have. Bold, italic and underline are a must when there is not voice tone of body language to provide emphasis. Another convenient, streamlining feature is the ability to click or right-click on a link in FT. No more copying and pasting. Just point, click, and you go. Alternatively, point, right-click, and choose to open the link in a new page. If you are a Kraft Canada First Taster, you absolutely need this add-on to make your experience smooth, seamless, and easily rid of spammers. I would give this five out of five stars, except when I tried to double-format (italic and underline) a post, I only got one type of formatting (italic). Other that that, this add-on is flawless. Thank you, MWolfe!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (