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  • Very nice add-on, works like expected, only Apple iCloud in the browser doesn't load, have to deactivate the add-on it prior, after loading one of the "apps" I can activate it again. But I rarely need this, only sometimes when I'm at work. Indeed a whitelist would be nice, but not possible like you statet below.
  • Просто переключает параметр privacy.firstparty.isolate. Полезно, чтобы выключить FPI не залезая в конфиг на редких сайтах, которые несовместимы с этой функцией (kinopoisk, Disqus, etc). Конфликтов с ublock и встроенной в firefox защитой от трекеров и сторонних кук не заметил. В отзывах кто-то жалуется на цвета иконки, но по моему всё правильно - красный, значит FPI мы на время выключили и нужно позже включить обратно, а серый значит, что про FPI думать не надо - функция работает.
  • Does one thing. Does it well.
  • Simple and clean add-on, does what it needs to do with just a click (activate or de-activate).

    Complete perfectly my other privacy add-ons and it has NO conflict with them (u-block origin, editThisCookie, bloody viking!, Grammarly, User Agent switcher, and few others).

    Strongly recommended!
  • works as expected. I would concur with some other review about imporving the icon (colour)
  • COULD you change the icon to : Green with the word: ON; and Red with the word: OFF. As your icon appears now, Orange and silver with no words are meaningless to me.
    Great suggestion. I was thinking something along those lines, but when I do those things myself, it always looks like a potato. :)
    For the time being, you can mouseover and read the hover text.
    Maybe someone wants to contribute? https://github.com/mozfreddyb/webext-firstpartyisolation/issues/5
  • Works as expected, easy to use: install and forget. Been using it for months, don't plan to stop using it.
  • Simple
    Easy to use
    First party isolation is the simpliest way to avoid tracking !
  • Needs a whitelist

    Edit: Thanks for the response, I understand.
    Sorry, but Firefox provides me with a global on/off switch.
    The granularity of the given API does not allow anyone to write code that would fix your problem.. See here for more:
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