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  • I really liked this application, functional, always at hand. Thanks to developers, convenient. Straight pleasing performance and quality. Many thanks!
  • probably the developer is not interested any more so I am disappointed but this was my only hope to listen to youtube at work
  • Simply not works
  • doesnt work at all
  • I guess it's broken, the toolbar doesn't show up.
  • "
  • Does not work for me, the search bar does not show at all on the addons bar or anywhere else.
    FF 45
  • you can watch youtube videos at the time of browsing
  • Don't support firefox 43 if it don't work on it. I think firefox has gotten rid of the extension bar. You should move your extension into the top right corner with all the other icons.
  • FireTube does not work with FF 40, see:


    Please fix this!!!
  • Спасибо за отличное дополнение
  • Can anybody help me how to open player?
    Icon dosn't show in bar. I can't find icon, I look everywere..
  • I have downloaded and uninstalled this program 5 times and can't get it to work.
  • But it's gotten buggier and buggier as time goes on. It seems that it no longer appears in the Customize menu, so I can't even see it, let alone use it. I'll still give 3 stars because I know what it's capable of.
  • i will like to see the actual song easily
  • якось все недопрацьоване
  • * The search button is broke, had to go to the settings > add songs
    * The UI is crap, needs major UI changes

    But with some work, this can pull it off as good as streamus.com for chrome
  • Needs some inprovement but it's very promising.
    Sometimes the music won't download with no info as of why (you load a video in the tab and if you click download, it will donwload the previous seen song). Maybe the video has special rights?.
    The playlist should be editable (sorting, etc).
    An option to choose the dowladed bitrate it's a must; 128kbps its too little nowadays. At least 192kbps is needed.
  • I did everything from logging in, creating and saving a playlist, logging out, logging back in, loading the playlist, trying to play using default key-binds, changing the key-binds, trying those, and trying the buttons on the browser bar; nothing worked, no sound played. This addon is useless.
  • Extremely beautiful.

    just Drag and drop interface needs some fix.
  • its look nice tool i will try to use it but thanks for share it now..
  • When I first started using this extension a little over a year ago, it worked perfectly all the time. It has slowly lost more and more functionality, and now I can't get it to work, despite browser restart, uninstall/reinstall, etc. Shame, it's a really great extension when it works, it's just been a long time since it actually worked.
  • I cant seem to get it to work sadly. I rely wish it did. So 3 stars for it working for others.
  • Me encanta esta extension....aunque le falta un poco mas pero sta exelente va...de lujo :D :D :D
  • Did a review a few weeks ago stating that this add-on only works half of the time. The developer made a statement below my review saying he will email me and troubleshoot the problem. He never emailed me! He just wrote that for other possible FireTube potential users to read. Makes him look good. Bottom Line: I removed this useless add-on. Went to Amazon.com and now have plenty of great music that ALWAYS works. Their music is cheap and they have hundreds of thousands titles.
    My original comment:

    "Hi Howie. I usually help people troubleshoot their issues and I have never stopped by saying your internet speed is to slow. If you would kindly email me back, we can try troubleshooting again."

    I don't have your email address so I asked you to email me back. You should read more carefully before posting harmful reviews.