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  • Not working with Thunderbird 60.0 :/ . Will be available?
  • Significantly reduces memory usage in Windows by pushing the browser to "Background Process".
  • Which is good enough and highly appreciated .
  • This works great with Thunderbird 52.6.0 on Linux (Manjaro, Gnome 3.26)!
  • I know this addon has been discontinued by its author... but please somebody port FireTray to Thunderbird 57+!
  • The addon is just great but doesn't work on Ubuntu 17.10 + KDE/Plasma + Thunderbird 57.0b2
  • Sometimes when I click the tray icon to maximize Thunderbird, I see the window in the taskbar but not the window itself. it must be because Firetray maximizes the window but doesn't make it active so it would get to the forefront. Please fix this.
  • xecutable on Sept. 6, 2017

    You are a lifesaver. Great addon
  • This plugin is awsome
  • Click on the Download Anyway button. Get the file. Open the file with your favorite Zip program. Edit the file install.rdf. Find the Thunderbird maxVersion: 38 and change it to a number higher than the current version.

    For example I changed it to 58. Update the archive. Go to your addons tab, and click on the wheel and select install Addon from a file. Done. The installation starts and works.
  • .. and one feature I'm sorely missing is to have the the active window come to the front when toggling from tray (on windows 7).

    - Open Thunderbird
    - Minimize TB to tray
    - Open any other Program and maximize window
    - Restore TB from tray.

    = Thunderbird window has focus but remains invisible in the background

    Other than that, great tool and imho should be core functionality
  • This was the most perfect tray addon that I used. It's a pity the project discontinued... Please don't abandon the project as we still need you!
  • It's absolutely a FANTASTIC addon for Thunderbird, works fine on Windows 7 and Ubuntu MATE (finally we have the email notify into the panel). God bless the developer, thank you!
  • Works still great on Thunderbird 52.2.1 on Ubuntu MATE 17.10.
  • Can't make it work with FF54 x64.
  • Все нужные функции...
  • Thanks.
  • The feature I am lacking for is a keyboard shortcut to restore/focus a window.
  • The project is discontinued but the developers may be interested by this minor issue caused by the addon: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1531345?comments=all
    Else it's working without major issues
  • It works like a charm!
  • 很好用的插件
  • Perfect. I only want Firefox to minimize to the tray if it is the last window open, and it does this perfectly. The only thing I would change is: if Firefox is minimized to the tray, clicking the shortcut should open the minimized window instead of opening a new window. Nevertheless, this does the job nicely.
  • it really is the best, and still works with firefox 50.1.
  • The best minimise to tray addon, with one fault. On restore, Thunderbird is often behind other windows. Such a shame that development for it has been discontinued.
  • thunder had a real great problem that you fixed it tnx