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  • Please radical update add-ons Firedownload, FireTorrent, and Fire tray.. i really love this add-ons
  • I found a way to use this on FireFox 4! In your browser bar at the top type: about:config Click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button if it pops up. Now right-click anywhere and click New>boolean. Name it: extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0 Then set it to false. Now close out of FireFox and open it back up and come back here. Click the "Add to FireFox" button and click "Install Anyway". When the box pops up click "Allow" and install it. Now restart your FireFox again and BAM there you go!
  • Please, update to FF 4.0
  • After upgrade to FF 3.6 FireTray not working anymore for me. So I start to use MinimizeToTray Plus. It have all capabilities I need. Just set 3,4,5 checkboxes in MinimizeToTray Plus Settings and it works almost like FireTray.
  • For me it is the most missed addon after upgrade to FF 3.6. Spoiled by Firetray, I only want to have FF preloaded into memory. For some reason this option doesn't work the way I would like to in MinimizeToTray Plus or MinimizeToTray (which are available for FF 3.6).
  • Update to 3.6 !!! pleaseee
  • works great with wyzo
    update to FF 3.6
  • Could have the option to require a password to restore Firefox!

    It would be very useful, give the option to lock-ons from third parties ...
  • Sure, it works the same as Minimize to Tray, but how can it fix "many usability issues with ..... Minimize To Tray Enhancer", when it does not have any of the features that Minimize To Tray Enhancer had, most importantly "Minimize on Start". When this addon or any other includes "Minimize on Start", or "Minimize To Tray Enhancer" is updated for FF3.5 it will get my full 5 star rating...
  • After installing this, my page title bar showed randomly Asian characters, but only occasionally. And it also cut off the page title very often. This happened right after installing this add-on. I wondered if it's another add-on, because I just tried two other add-ons. Then I disabled them one by one. And yes, when I disable the FireTray add-on, the Asian characters and the cut off title vanished for good. So I strongly recommend not to install this piece of garbage. It produces unexpected, random behaviour. It should be labeled experimental.
  • Наконец-то более менее нормально реализованная иконка в трее + теперь firefox пускается быстрее любого другого браузера!

    Greate plugin. No more "firefox preloader" needed!

    >to emarell, OldWolf49
    to close browser go Menu -> File -> Exit

    "minimize to tray upon closing" option just keeps tabs in current window and hides it! Browser can have more then one window opened

    > to SensiblePerson
    for come back use tray icon

  • I think it the best of them all because it make only 1 icon if you MinimizeToTray and the other make 1 pr site this one make 1 for all very good top 5 from me
  • would not allow browser to close even though option to "minimize to tray upon closing" option was never checked

    also behaves oddly in other ways

    all in all, yer basic nightmare
  • глючит
  • Funktioniert einwandfrei mit Firefox 3.5.2
  • works perfectly fine for me.
    no idea what's going on for all you guys.
  • this adds on fail to work with FireFox 3.5.
    when you click minimize button the window will not appear to tray.

    we recomended don't use this adds on. you can try the add on minimize to tray for FF 3.5 develop by jivko evgeniev. after you install, you restart and go to tool add on Minimize to tray FF 3.5 --> click on that and click options and click on always minimize box. sucsess
  • With Firefox 3.5.1, this addon fails to work half the time. Try the 'MinimizeToTray For FF 3.5' addons if you want a good alternative.
  • FAIL. It stays in the tray, loaded or not, with Pandora (I bought the sub) it really stays in the tray. It never allows you to log out unless you really log out. Meaning I have to restart. Not good.
  • Good attempt but needs improvement. Inconsistency is biggest frustration. It works sometimes, sometimes create new blank windows, existing windows disappear when minimized never to come back.
  • I use only 1 window, and it's annoying, that whenever I click on the tray icon, a new window appears. This wouldn't be a problem, I close this new empty window, but this makes it "remembered". I suggest two options:
    - 1-window mode (don't open new window on click, if there is already one)
    - window list on the tray menu: so you could close only some of the windows (now you can close only all of them)
  • Works as advertised:
    - can hide the Firefox window to tray when you click the "minimize window" button
    - can hide the Firefox window to tray when you click the "close window" button

    Why it's better than current (July 2, 2009) alternatives:
    - when you have multiple instances of Firefox open, all instances can be minimized (some alternatives will make a minimized instance re-appear when you minimize another instance)
    - when you right-click on the Firefox icon in the tray, a pop-up menu appears with options to Restore minimized window(s), open a new window, show the downloads window, or exit Firefox.

    Suggestions for improvement:
    - when a Firefox window is open, and you click on the Firefox icon in the tray, a new instance of Firefox is launched; this is annoying; a new window should only open when one selects "New Window" from the pop-up menu that appears by right-clicking on the icon.
    - an option should be added to the pop-up menu to be able to close all open instances of Firefox, except for one window which shows the homepage set by the user in Firefox's Options (de facto, this is equivalent to exiting Firefox and restarting it).
  • Please edit "Options Menu".
  • I think that to avoid confusion you should rename the extension as there is another one with the exact same name.
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