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We like FireSSH...

Solution 1: would it be possible to pre-select an account from the URL/Bookmark, so that the account select window does not pop-up? - Yes: bookmark ssh://root@ where is your server's IP number

Idea 2: could we use LastPass for the passwords or any site-entry password vault? To store passwords locally is not so secure.

Idea 3: maybe allow override of background colors per account? In this way we will not make mistake of executing command at wrong terminal if we work on multipel servers

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.90.1-signed). 

(weird, my response didn't show up after typing it? arrgh, retyping it...)
Hey Tom!
Glad you like the program!
Idea 1: I'll try to make it work - it's not a bad idea.
Idea 2: I'll consider it - I agree that locally stored passwords isn't the best but that's the system Firefox has set up...
Idea 3: Hm, I'll consider it as well. If more users would rather have it as a per account feature than globally I'll consider changing it

Thanks for the feedback!