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  • super
  • 非常棒的应用;
  • gooood tooool!
  • muito util
  • Developer blames Mozilla, instead of developing the addon and making it compatible with the latest version of Firefox. Doesn't make sense at all.
    That's correct - it's not a matter of blame, it's a matter of fact. It is impossible to 'upgrade' the addon. Firefox removed the capability for me to make it compatible.
  • Not compatible with new version of firefox. One of the nicest expansions. I'll downgrade firefox to continue using it.
  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum
  • doesnt work on the new fire fox!!
  • Could you not have just updated it to work with the new addon system?
    Sorry, it wasn't possible. Firefox made it impossible.
  • Very helped firstly but after some firefox updates it doesn't work. Please make it compatible with Firefox 57+!
  • Cuando lo tendran listo para la nueva version de mozilla
  • Pregunto si a partir de Firefox 57 seuira funcionando exta extensión. Gracias.
  • I think this extension needs to e updated beacuse now is not working with latest firexfox version.
  • Pretty good
  • I use fireftp that I find not bad at all.
    But with firessh, I'm really surprised at the first test.

    A real ssh session on a browser. I would never give up FireFox.

    I can not leave the session with exit.
    Each time, it looks like it closed the connection to open it immediately.
    I had to shut down the remote machine.
  • unfortunately firefox asks me what application to use (me alone erminale as dispobile) for the SSH protocol I do not enter the extension
    And there's fixable?
    Firefox 50.1.0
    ElCapitan 10.11.6
    thank you
    Hello, I'll take a look. This is broken on developer versions on Firefox but not on stable release versions so I haven't gotten around to looking at it yet.
  • (for v94.2.1)
    Very useful, few menus and just basic options but it works fine even in Palemoon 26.just type ssh://ip in address bar
  • Does it job very well. Easy to use and one great stuff, large terminal history (very useful for long logs).
  • we haven't another way to says that to developer, so don't delete my review.

    thanks a lot for this awesome extension! but i found some bugs:

    1. this buttons dont work in midnight commander http://f3.s.qip.ru/8walhgdT.png
    2. 1 minute load average dont shows in htop http://f4.s.qip.ru/8walhgdV.png

    please fix it =)
    Thanks for the feedback! Patches are happily welcome :)
    The source code is found here: https://github.com/mimecuvalo/firessh
  • None of the issues I mentioned before (more than one year ago) have been fixed:

    * The font is very uncomfortable for me. Please allow the user to choose their own font (or use the chosen Firefox monospace font).

    * I do not like that you have to confirm connecting with an additional dialog box if your connection is remembered. My server doesn't use a password but a key, so I don't want it to ask every time.

    * Dialog boxes are not showing at proper layer/z-level. I start a remembered connection but nothing happens, only to discover that the connection/password confirmation box is displayed (hiding) _underneath_ the Accounts dialog.

    This add-on has the potential to be very helpful but these basic issues stand in the way.

    Thanks! :-)
    Thanks for the feedback! Patches are happily welcome :)
    The source code is found here: https://github.com/mimecuvalo/firessh
  • why can not save username and password
  • Lo utilizo desde hace mucho tiempo y me resulta muy práctico
  • It will be great to make cursor select works in midnight commander. Also to the menu. Thanks
  • very useful addon
  • Seems ok if you are only dong very basic stuff, but seems to have problems working correctly with either screen or tmux. For me that makes it pretty much useless.