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  • I've been using FireShot for as long as I can remember. It makes saving items from documents and records that I need to save or want to save for convenience. It is so simple to use that I use it at least daily.
  • I have been using the Pro version for years and I really like the way it works with the ability to take a PDF file from a long web page.
    Great tool that I recommend.
  • I'd give it a 6 if I could. Saw a 1 star. Person probably didn't know what he/she was doing or had a bad image or trying to snapshot a protected page. I'll buy pro soon.
  • It's so easy to use, the 'capture entire page' function is such a handy tool.
  • 非常牛逼
    特别是对于mac电脑 本身截长图就不方便
  • Great add-on!
  • Too bad Firefox doesn't have a print preview of the selection. Chrome does. In Chrome, I rate it a 5.
  • unfortunalty it trims page on the edges
  • Usefull features especially for someone who is studying and doing research. Pdf format is the best !
  • Muito útil.
  • I've found FireShot (Pro) to be a very useful tool when researching from the internet. Sometimes 'copy and paste' doesn't work with complex pages/layouts. Being able to grab the WHOLE web page is so much easier than making multiple static screen shots to capture a webpage that extends off the screen. As well as saving to a variety of file types, the app can copy straight into One Note - very useful, time-saving and worth the money. I was going to rate it 4 stars because I find the annotating a bit clumsy and the PDF page-break function needs work but, they are minor problems, so it gets 5 from me.
  • Supriu muito bem minhas necessidade,s exatamente o que eu estava procurando simples e eficaz.
  • multiple screenshot
  • Simply awesome and versatile!!
  • Tried the other 3 main ones and it was either a disaster or not what I needed. THIS did exactly what I wanted, thank you!
  • I love this extension. I use it a lot for capture whole page screenshots and sending them to OneNote for archival purposes.

    The thing I like the most about it is that it takes multiple screen shots and stitches them together into a larger whole. This way, all of the captured screenshot is high resolution even if the original website spanned tens of pages that you had to scroll through in order to see.

    Also, it has a nice feature for OneNote that will let you append to the currently opened page in OneNote so you don't have to select the page.

    I guess they are some alternatives, but most them seemed pretty clunky in comparison and none of them to my knowledge captured a website that spans multiple pages at high resolution. If you take a lot of screenshots this extension is well worth the money to upgrade to the Pro version. Highly recommended.
  • Great tool!, but PLEASE make it compatible with Firefox 61.0.1, because I can not use it anymore :(.
    Estupenda herramienta, pero por favor haganla compatible con Firefox 61.0.1 , pues ya no puedo usarlo :( .
    Fireshot es muy útil si queremos leer paginas de internet más tarde y sin la necesidad de estar conectado, o si queremos editarlas, ¡es excelente!
  • Bogus. The picture quality in so poor that you won't even unable to understand whether it's a picture of person or object.
  • I love this thing. It's simple, gives you what you want, which you can edit OUTSIDE the f'n brow-zer -- and it's fast. It doesn't kill my little computer with 4GB, either.
  • Excelente extensão para Firefox e para Chrome, uma ferramenta essencial!
  • 对快速标记图片内容并附上相关连内容很有帮助,对于需要快速借助图片来清晰解释问题的情况很有帮助.
    it's useful to describe things related to the picture quickly and logically
  • En sevdiğim plugins :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Emeği geçen her kese sonsuz içtenlikle teşekkürlerim sunarım
  • I am still having issues with Fireshot and Firefox 60.0. It appears I had a trial version of Fireshot Pro installed which worked with Firefox 60.0 but this has now expired and I am unable to revert to Fireshot Lite. I have Fireshot version installed and have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it with no success. Could you please tell me how I can change to Fireshot Lite.
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