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  • Works most of the time, does not work well will long modals.
  • Fantastic add-on. This is my favorite screen capture. I've tried or been forced to utilize others for work, and this is the best. It is my go-to for personal use at home. Easy to use, reliable, versatile, numerous options for capture management . I highly recommend.
  • 스크롤 캡쳐 기능이 특히 유용하네요. 픽픽의 경우 파이어폭스에선 스크롤 캡쳐 기능이 제대로 안 되더라는.. 그 외 프로그램들도 그런 경우가 많구요.
  • Custom quick capture screenshots are not a problem!
  • Versatile and easy to use. I love it!
  • Best add ever for catching and preparing screenshots! Using it since 2005 until I die.....
  • I LOVVVE This Extension