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  • Fireshot was an extension I used for a very long time, years and years ... maybe 10 years, and even more! I used it on Firefox, Chrome and Opera, Windows 7 and Windows 10 ... And for a long time, it worked very well. It was the first extension I installed each time ... But recently, it starts to save the images no longer in PNG format but as MS-Dos file!

    I reported this flaw on the Fireshot forum but the technical support of Fireshot does not believe me (whereas another person had also underlined it for the captures in PDF !!) and thinks that my PC is infected whereas I do regular tests by various anti-malware including the famous Malwarebytes and other no less serious and my PC is totally healthy!

    For the trouble, I will not use this add-on anymore and I will warn everyone about this serious problem
    For the record, this is the thread where I'm asking you to send me a sample: https://getfireshot.com/sup/art2176.htm, but you prefer blaming FireShot instead of helping to discover the problem.

    I need a sample to find the cause, not to find a proof, that your PC is infected.

    10 years of using FireShot... You want to use it, but you're not willing to help. I wish you good luck with your approach.
  • keeps leaving white spots in the middle of two screenshots
  • Does what it says with no troubles or difficulties, even web tables, which no other similar program has been able to do for me and maintain a readable format afterwards. Works great!
  • Very usefull tool
  • Super Tool !
  • Saved me a bunch of time grabbing old content for my portfolio.
  • Musthave!
  • Made taking a long, whole-page, screenshot a matter of two seconds. THANK YOU.
  • Incredibly useful. I use this every single day. It is indispensible.
  • This app makes work much more efficient when trying to capture web screenshots for presentations. Best one I've used.