996 reviews
  • The best in reliabity.
    To developer, please improve resolution quality. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  • Essential for my job. Fireshot has been the best solution for taking full page screenshots and saving them as either an image or a PDF. I often have to make PDFs of the classes I build and Fireshot is the only tool I've found that makes that happen. It's easy to use and works flawlessly.
  • Was hoping this would replace Screengrab with its similar feature set, but it has nags about buying the premium version, plus the selection tool doesn't capture the correct area.
  • Imprescindible
  • Simple et efficace. Impossible de m'en passer.
  • I started using about 3 weeks ago. I use both chrome and firefox. I utilize evernote in chrome. It's great but everything is stored in their cloud. Fireshot (utilized in firefox) gives you the ability to place it on the hard drive. The only down issue is that you can only sync to microsoft one note.
  • This screenshot software is very well thought out, performs excellently. I really like it.