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54 reviews for this add-on
  • Will open an Issue on Github.

  • jQueryfy, the envelope icon and the Inspector are hidden. I have the following software versions:

    FireFox: 46.0.1
    FireBug: 2.0.16
    FireQuery: 2.0.2


    After reinstalling it everything works as a charm!

  • With FF40 stops operation of jQuery, I was forced to uninstall.

    Developer response

    Install FireQuery 2.0
    It's compatible and fully working with the latest Firefox release.

  • Firequery is not working since Firefox 35+ Maybe even earlier. Also it breaks Firebug. Please fix the extension or remove it from the plugins directory, so people would not confuse themselves with broken Firebug. Otherwise it was a great extension. Hope you will find some time to fix it. Thanks!

    Developer response

    Install FireQuery 2.0
    It's compatible and fully working with the latest Firefox release.

  • Kubuntu 14.02, Firefox 36, Firebug 2.0.8 and FireQuery 1.4.1

    When I open Firebug JavaScript events stop working. After disable FireQuery problem gone.

    Developer response

    Install FireQuery 2.0
    It's compatible and fully working with the latest Firefox release.

  • I have been developing with Angular.js lately and noticed that there was a strange bug which made angular.js stop working when i went to look inside the console (firebug). I then got this error TypeError: this.__FireQueryShared is undefined which I then turned off FireQuery and the bug was prevented. I don't want to turn FireQuery off though cause I love it!

  • As many users reported:
    TypeError: this.__FireQueryShared is undefined firequery.js:665

    FF 33.0, Firebug 2.0.4

    Developer response

    Install FireQuery 2.0
    It's compatible and fully working with the latest Firefox release.

  • This addon stoped working for firebug 2.0.x, Please fix it :(

  • Then FireQuery is used, call fail with error
    this.__FireQueryShared is undefined
    FF 33, stable

  • I get this error that create some problem on the site that use jQuery.

    TypeError: this.__FireQueryShared is undefined firequery.js:665

    i'm using Firefox 34 with firebug 2.0.4

  • This is very valuable add-on, particularly for debugging events and jQuery data. However, it won't work with the latest version of Firebug (v2). So you'll need to install older version of Firebug (Firebug 1.12.8b1) to make it work.

    Also, once installed click on the Console tab and then uncheck "Show internal jQuery data". This would display all the data back as previously! :-)

  • Since some modern version of jQuery and/or Firebug, this plugin doesn't work. Yes, it shows data, but it's supposed to show events, too, which are much harder to get your hands on from the console.

    Plus, the developer let out on his forum that he no longer develops this plugin.

  • No documentation. All I wanted was "jQuerify", but there is no indication on how to use it.

  • this is a best extension for firebug. if you need a live jquery editor and injection i recommend it for you :).

  • Agreed with previous commenter. Excellent plugin until hitting AngularJS or other intensive framework. Hope to see fixed in future.

  • This was great plugin to the point where I started using AngularJS and apps that use significant amount of data processed by Angular. This extension then terribly slows down browser (e.g. complete freeze for 20-30s at start and then very slow while running) - took me a while to figure out what is causing it. It's a great extension, but I had to disable it. :( Any chance author might make some performance improvements with AngularJS apps?

  • Handy if you like working with jQuery. Doesn't seem to work with Firefox DevTools though. Please make it compatible with the DevTools too, it seems to be much faster and not as clunky as Firebug.

  • ممتاز

  • This is a very helpful plugin, only there is a small problem. When this is enabled, the Firefox will not be able to render xml content correctly, only the value will displayed but not tags, and they are not format.
    Besides this, this is great~ And hope this can be solved soon~

  • Go to binaryage's github page (, you can see from commit that an experimental fix is already commited. Download the repo as zip, unpack it, go under the folder "firefox", zip everything under that folder, change the extension from ".zip" to ".xpi", use "install from file" option in Firefox's Add-ons Manager page.

    Then BAM!, problem solved (it says on the extension version 1.1, when the latest was 1.2, ignore it).

    As for FireQuery itself, the jQuerify feature is absolutely indispensable to me, while the other niceties you won't notice until you don't have them anymore - then you'll realize how much convenience they provide.

    I mean, I didn't go through all this trouble getting a fixed version of this extension if it weren't useful.

  • An excellent addition to FireBug that easily allows you to browse events attached to elements, amongst other useful things. Worth downloading.

  • It gives ability to have complex debugging queries.
    I do a long block with many commands, past it into the console and get exactly what I was looking for.

  • conflict with plugin I can't use plugin any more. It fail with draggable

  • Been using FireQuery for some time, but now apparently the changes in jQuery's data interface have created problems in FQ. The addition of the "show internal jQuery data" option in the Console tab is helpful in that it gives us the old functionality, but unfortunately it breaks other things, e.g., jQuery UI and validation plugin ( either work incorrectly of just stop working when the "show internal..." option is checked. If not for that, I'd give 4 stars.

  • 无法安装,用不了了。