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  • I've been having some frustrating moments trying to get this to work. I've checked and double checked everything, and following the instructions just doesn't get me anywhere. It would be a great extension if it were easier to set up.
  • Действительно отличное дополнение. Мне как начинающему PHP кодеру помогает. Спасибо разработчику.
  • FirePHP is really useful for PHP developers, particularly when fixing bugs on production websites, where you can't simply "echo" queries or debug infos... plugin for Joomla: http://www.thepisu.tk/software-download/11-joomla/133-firephp-joomla-15-plugin
  • Amazing! I've been relying on firebug for a while now for JS work, but this is a huge help for PHP.

    It's saved me a lot of headaches on my current project - I plan on donating once I get paid for it ;-)
  • Love it.
  • Excellent add on!

    Fun to use. Need to read the instructions acurately, but it's worth it.
  • Cool extension!
  • Very very handfull firefox extension for web developers. Debugging PHP on the fly is now something easy. I just expect now for a french translation, a php library to catch errors and some other stuff .
    Excellente extension pour les développeurs : un "must have". Déboguer du php devient une partie de plaisir. On attend juste une traduction française, une bibliothèque php pour saisir les erreurs... Bientôt les serveurs seront. LAMPF...
  • Just what Firebug needed, Fire PHP makes life much easier
  • Since i started to use it, i can debug whatever i develop in php, without displaying anything on the webpage.
    Extremely useful in AJAX dev, and specific graphical environment which can't afford to display echo stuffs.
  • Very nice. I can finally stop sending printing debug messages to the page while working on PHP projects.
  • FirePHP is extremely useful tool for error tracking and controlling your code flow as needed.
    I found it irreplaceable for debugging server response in hidden iframes as well as with xmlHTTPResponse.
    This new feature brings us simple and powerful solution, really easy to use either you decide to use oop coding style or if you prefer to write your code in procedural fashion.
    I recommend adding FirePHP to your php include path if you intend to use it on multiple projects, but you don't have to.
  • Perfect idea for hide debug messages.
  • This Add-on makes gracefully with firebug!

    Essential for webDeveloper!
  • FirePHP is an excellent addon for Firebug. It's one of those tools that you wouldn't expect to in a general user's environment, but here it is.

    It's growing support for numerous PHP frameworks eventually will bring in a lot of support from those communities and developers who can't afford expensive commercial debugging solutions will always have FirePHP as an alternative.
  • Extremely useful. After Firebug and Web Developer, this is the most essential add-on I have installed for web development. Speeds up and simplifies the debugging process tremendously. Hard to remember how I lived without it.
  • fantastic addon for PHP debugging, realy great features and simple to use, much better than var_dump() - hehe
  • Though every front end developer must have Firebug, back end developers get less out of Firebug. FirePHP brings the usefulness of Firebug up to where it is for front end developers. Sort of like magic, but easier to use: no wands or smelly potions needed.
  • Endlich mal ein Plugin, welches ein sehr gutes, vorhandenes Plugin um eine hilfreiche Erweitertung erweitert.