69 reviews
  • OKi
  • Awesome
  • Great, but does not support themes.
  • best debgging utility ever. PHP debugging at it's best.
    Easy to implement in your project, easy to install in browser, easy to use.
    I use it in all my projects for, I don't know - must be nearly 10 years now :-)
  • great tool!!!!

    I'm using firePHP for so many years now, can't live without it ;-)
    It totally changed my way of debugging!

    Thanks to you guys, giving it a 2nd life with FF57+
  • Best tool for debugging PHP code in ajax request. Please make it compatible with Firefox Quantum. Thank you!
  • exelent
  • Hey!I want FirePHP back! No other alternatives are as good as FirePHP. I hate chromelogger. Try logging a PHP Exception with both tools and make your own decision. PLEASE RE-ENABLE THIS AWESOME PLUGIN
  • hola
  • FirePHP is the best option for logging to console. Firefox's built in server logging is garbage compared to this extension, and ChromePHP is garbage. I love this extension, and hope it's ready for FF Quantum soon.
  • 我现在只能用在firefox47上面 如果firefox自动更新 就不能用了 很是可悲,希望作者能够更新到适合最新firefox上面
  • Please, make it work again!
    It was such a good tool!
    It is working again! Try it out!
  • it's not working on firebug 2.0.18 / firephp 0.7.? / firefox 51

    I setup firephp library on php side properly and I tested on chrome. it worked. but it doesn't work on firefox.

    I checked response header on console(f12) but there was no log string like "X-Wf-1-1-1-1:109:..."

    I think log info filtered by new version of firefox. or I didn't know how to disable filtering.

    I spent so much time on this.
    The new 1.0 release should make things work again.
  • This plugin is unusable without the PHP library to be included in your project, and that file can't be downloaded from the broken site http://www.firephp.org/
    The server library can be downloaded here: https://github.com/firephp/firephp-core

    I hope to get the FirePHP.org site back up over the holidays.
  • Great tool to receive messages and debug information from the PHP backend! I hope, the extension will be upgraded in the near future to work together with firebug 3.
  • Great help for coding.