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  • great tool!!!!

    I'm using firePHP for so many years now, can't live without it ;-)
    It totally changed my way of debugging!

    Thanks to you guys, giving it a 2nd life with FF57+
  • Best tool for debugging PHP code in ajax request. Please make it compatible with Firefox Quantum. Thank you!
  • exelent
  • Hey!I want FirePHP back! No other alternatives are as good as FirePHP. I hate chromelogger. Try logging a PHP Exception with both tools and make your own decision. PLEASE RE-ENABLE THIS AWESOME PLUGIN
  • hola
  • FirePHP is the best option for logging to console. Firefox's built in server logging is garbage compared to this extension, and ChromePHP is garbage. I love this extension, and hope it's ready for FF Quantum soon.
  • 我现在只能用在firefox47上面 如果firefox自动更新 就不能用了 很是可悲,希望作者能够更新到适合最新firefox上面
  • Please, make it work again!
    It was such a good tool!
    It is working again! Try it out!
  • it's not working on firebug 2.0.18 / firephp 0.7.? / firefox 51

    I setup firephp library on php side properly and I tested on chrome. it worked. but it doesn't work on firefox.

    I checked response header on console(f12) but there was no log string like "X-Wf-1-1-1-1:109:..."

    I think log info filtered by new version of firefox. or I didn't know how to disable filtering.

    I spent so much time on this.
    The new 1.0 release should make things work again.
  • This plugin is unusable without the PHP library to be included in your project, and that file can't be downloaded from the broken site http://www.firephp.org/
    The server library can be downloaded here: https://github.com/firephp/firephp-core

    I hope to get the FirePHP.org site back up over the holidays.
  • 5-stars app for PHP Developers
  • Great tool to receive messages and debug information from the PHP backend! I hope, the extension will be upgraded in the near future to work together with firebug 3.
  • Great help for coding.
  • Thanks
  • Very useful and well working addon, it simplifies debugging of PHP code very much.
    I only need two more features in it, I think that with them FirePHP will become THE ultimate debugging addon:
    1. The ability to show only FirePHP debug messages in FireBug console. In most cases console is filled with non-critical warnings, but if you disable them to view only useful information, FirePHP output disappears.
    2. And the ability to search in Variable Viewer. If variable contains many fields and nested objects, it takes much time to find the needed part, as Firefox search works only in underlying window contents or in Firebug console.

    Anyway, great addon and thank you for your work and time!
  • ดูจากตัวอย่างแล้ว สุดยอดเลย แต่ทดสอบใช้งานก่อนนะครับ ขอบคุณครับ
  • My son says that this is a great web tool!
  • Great ! just installed. Looking forward to use it :)
  • cant live without it! used it in php and c# in production servers filtered by ip
  • best addon when you want to debug php. Maybe it could be a little faster.
  • FirebugPHP is the best form to show logs in developing servers. This is awesome!!!
  • 为什么一直不更新啊?firefox都出到多少了。。。。。
  • I'm tired of the issues of incompatibility with the most recent versions of FIrebug, that way, i've given up FirePHP and I found one better alternative: FireLogger, which uses its own in Firebug and have much configuration options. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firelogger/
    Compatible versions are posted at: http://www.firephp.org/
    The latest version will appear here once it passes the addon approval process.
    You can use DeveloperCompanion on the client as an alternative: http://developercompanion.com/
  • great add-on, I use it everyday
  • This extension has been poorly documented from the beginning. Add to that the recent problems with updates related to browser and Firebug versions. Version 0.6.* of this extension requires Firebug 1.8+. Firebug 1.8 requires Firefox 5. However, this extension automatically updates on old browser and extension combinations, like Firefox 3.6 with Firebug 1.7!
    The compatibility issues have been fixed. See: http://groups.google.com/group/firephp-dev/browse_thread/thread/869b20019b33db3c

    Your comment about "poor documentation" is not helpful. More critical and detailed feedback is welcome on the mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/firephp-dev